May 29, 2008

The Gay Jewish Nazi that Inspired Steven Spielberg's Indiana Jones

Steven Spielberg has been utilizing the medium of film for decades now to express a variety of his juvenile driven obsessions. His most obvious (at least for some) and successful obsession is coming back in touch (if he ever left) with childlike sentimentalism. There has yet to be another “filmmaker” who has done as much as Spielberg to infantile the mind of the average American (and international) film goer. Another big obsession of Steven Spielberg is fiercely dehumanizing Nazis (and Germans in general) collectively to the point of absurd monster caricatures.

Unfortunately, this obsession of Steven Spielberg has come back to bite him in the ass. Spielberg’s Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark is one of the biggest franchises in international film history. The film’s hero and protagonist Indy is a powerful man that has the ability to survive any natural obstacle thrown at him. Indy is said to be modeled after Nazi SS Obersturmführer and German medievalist Otto Rahn. Like Indian Jones, Rahn set out to find ancient human legends. Of course, there is more to Otto Rahn that might give Spielberg more problems than a little bit of anxiety.

Despite being an SS man, Otto Rahn was an open homosexual and this inevitably led to his downfall. In 1937 Rahn was forced to work at Dachau concentration after getting in a drunken homosexual quarrel. This wasn’t the worst of Rahn’s unfortunate problems as the young scholar also happened to be Jewish. This was revealed in Richard Stanley’s documentary on Otto Rahn The Secret Glory. Being a Jewish homosexual in the SS must have been hard on Rahn as he committed suicide on 1939. He was found frozen to death near a mountain region in Tyrol, Austria.

Otto Rahn had no restraints in letting his later disgust with the SS be known. Otto Rahn quit the SS in 1938 and in his diary he wrote: "There is much sorrow in my country. Impossible for a tolerant, liberal man like me to live in the nation that my native country has become." I think that is safe to say that Otto Rahn’s involvement in the SS was merely a way for the young medievalist to pursue his goal of finding the Holy Grail. Asiatic eyed Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler felt Otto Rahn was the right man for the job in handling occult ventures for the Third Reich.

I don’t think Steven Spielberg would enjoy hearing that the real Indiana Jones was a gay Jewish Nazi. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark is a much more interesting film when looking at it in context to the historical facts relating to the film. At the end of the film, Nazi's faces burn off in Steven Spielberg’s hopes that the movie going audience will cheer in joy. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark features a few gruesome Nazi deaths yet it received a PG rating. So my question for Spielberg is, does a gay Jewish Nazi also deserve to get his face burned off?

-Ty E

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