May 7, 2008

Death Note

The fundamentals of making an adaptation aren't hard to abide by. Take a source topic, remain at least quasi-faithful, carry themes, and provide equal entertainment. The first live-action Death Note film does none of these things. It even goes as far as to stick up for its favorite film I Am Legend to make even worse special effects and incorporate abysmal CG in place of a story.

The anime is something that i had recently become addicted to. Death Note (Anime) is something that i feel no shame in admitting that i loved it more than many things. At times it was frustrating and bleak, but it was also uncanny and intelligent; a quality that is more rare than the most perfect metals. The live-action takes the perfect elements and rusts them over with a dull coat of annoying-as-fuck Japanese teenagers.

You might recognize the main character as well. He is well-known for playing the main bitch Shuya Nanahara in Battle Royale. In the first film, he ran from conflict, promoting pacifisim and homosexuality both in the medium runtime. In the second, he was doing the same, except in a more violent way. No matter how many hair-metal sporting gooks he killed, it doesn't detract from his horrible acting.

(Failed eccentricity)

With Anime, everything is up to creative control. You might not like the obnoxious attitudes of the style of cartoon, but it presents the greatest colorful aesthetics around. Rain pounding on a busy street and lights illuminating the seedy slums; it's a beautiful thing. Light Yagami is an honorable student who discovers a "Death Note" on the ground. Many rules apply, but the gist is, the name you write in it, dies in a certain short time.

It's more or less a Linkin Park infused soundtrack with some of the worst acting ever. In Anime, you can get away with ridiculous situations with the highlighted moving-background that is ever so common; it doesn't work so well in live-action. This film is no Ichi the Killer. Teen angst is abundant and is staler than the ever so well aged Heathers. In the show, the main conflict was 34+ episodes of an extended battle of wits and a shocking game of cat & mouse. This film is just over-styled heads drooling over case files.


Moral of the story, kids; don't become power-hungry and waste your life. I cannot explain how the show made me feel, for it is completely different to the retarded workings of this rework. It doesn't even close off right for the sequel. Many things were changed for the worse. Oh, and L looks like a retard in this. True believers, Stay away!


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