May 22, 2008

The Big Shave

This short opens with a golden Saxophone score, triumphing as it outlines the pristine porcelain bathroom. Everything is normal in this American home. The knobs are clean and the faucet is leaking. An American man walks up and begins to shave. This seemingly normal exercise of masculinity is interrupted as soon as he doesn't stop. Scorsese asks for six minutes of your time, and in doing so, he cuts a swath of ideas you may have housed in your head towards any sort of political affairs.

In a scene that should have inspired Cutting Moments or Cabin Fever, he begins to peel his own skin off. The charming melodic oldie's makes this short visually horrifying and even more so, this beautiful American sink is stained with the blood of it's own forefathers. This all being said as this short was a Vietnam piece. Symbolism in hand, Scorsese maintains the same nihilistic atmosphere as trademarked in all of his films.

Long after Bunny Berigan's "I Can't Get Started" is done, the blood doesn't cease dripping. The suggested political involvement is made noticeable from it's previous name "Viet '67" The Big Shave is a metaphorical massacre; a gut punch in most student films. Scorsese had talents at a young age and proved his worth. This generation just houses cheap rockers making shitty no-budget zombie films.


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