May 19, 2008

Batman: Dead End

Batman is a superhero with a real weakness. Not some moon rock or a certain material weakness; Batman is emotionally vulnerable. Seeing him masquerade around in film is often embarrassing. In the Kilmer/Clooney films, he was a bit of a tart. Personally, I didn't enjoy Batman Begins as much as i wanted to. It was the much-needed origin, but it bored me far too much, and the costume of Scarecrow was mega disappointing.

Batman: Dead End is exactly what the Batman films needed. The streets are given a dimly lit atmosphere in which his pain is the only thing he wallows in. The Joker has escaped from Arkham asylum and is as crazy as ever and is one of the more faithful live-action renditions of the Joker, save for Heath Ledger's terrifying character.

This tortured character realizes that what the Joker has become was his fault. Cue the Aliens and the Predators. About the far into this short, my brain exploded. I was a fan of the Batman VS. Aliens/Predator comic books but the authenticity of such a situation always flabbergasted me. There is no way any mortal man could kill something of this caliber. Let's face it, Bruce Wayne isn't an Aryan superhero like Schwarzenegger.

The budget was at around $30,000 dollars and this definitely shows in it's graphic novel lighting. The Predators look faithful to the original and the Xenomorph's are amazing. Batman proves he is a bad ass. For once, I was rooting for this short film to magically expand. A knife fight scene to reckon with. Regardless if you like Kevin Smith or not, This is the definitive Batman film. That is, until The Dark Knight is released.


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Unknown said...

I remember seeing this a few years back and being completely stunned. Unbelievable! The classic looking Bats is my favorite. I too wished that it was longer but.... We have the Dark Knight now.