Apr 20, 2008

Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

With most horror being as bland as processed cheese, It does come as a surprise to see something that would benefit the horror community. When Wrong Turn first came out in 2003, it didn't have any contemporary aspects. Nothing about this film was original. Whether you analyze the use of the backwoods as a target fear or notice the beautiful broads and gut-munching gore, the film blatantly appears bland and would never reach the emotional anxiety quota of Deliverance.

Wrong Turn 2 grasps the past-time knowledge of the greats and comes to terms with the failure of this first and attempts to fix this by adding more gore, more nudity, and more action. In order to make this work right, no doubt they'd need a hand from someone who is used to this madcap carnage. With this whim, Joe Lynch was brought in. You'd know him from Terror Firmer and nothing else. For being his first film, he has already proposed a delightful future in horror.

Some of the events and controversy are perhaps the more interesting subject. In Australia, a government officer showed a group of teenagers incarcerated for sex crimes the film Wrong Turn 2. This led into the community questioning what their tax money was being paid for and news headlines broke out, insisting that the officer be "sacked" Why you would show a film that can hardly be taken seriously on a serious note is beyond me, but i do thank the officer for a hilarious scandal.

On to the values of the film, It has a group of the clichéd characters that American cinema is known for. We have the Dyke military officer, pervert skateboarder, a football playing Negro with morals, an artfag who cuts herself, and a handful of sluts. On the subject of the Negro, it seems odd that he portrayed the character as the only pure soul on the film. The one that would rise above the foul plays of temptation and would be the most useful. His all-American name, Texas Battle, needs some explaining as well.

Dale Murphy (Sounds like a NASCAR Racer) is played by Henry Rollins. From Rollins performance as a motivational speaker in Feast, to him playing the Patriotic bad ass warrior, his demeanor in films proves that he can play anything. Actually, his role in Feast was the only proof that I needed. Last time I remember Rollins in a film, he was getting a blowjob, art style, in a Richard Kern short film depicting misogyny and grainy black & white. It's needless to say that his performance carried the film home, and without Rollins, Wrong Turn 2: Dead End would have an accurate name.

Wrong Turn 2 is a satire of sorts, using the art of sensationalism to it's own advantage, while silently mocking reality TV. Wrong Turn 2 did a much better job than Halloween: Resurrection did. Although, I did enjoy watching Busta Rhymes negro-riffic performance. Years later, that memorable scene featuring the fight between the "black knight" and the "pasty face killer" would become a hilarious inside joke between friends.

Wrong Turn 2 is a film that will be hated by some, if not most. If you manage to glance at the big picture, and absorb the great performances, mutant pregnancies, and America incarnate lighting up redneck freaks with a dynamite bow & arrow, then congratulations. I'm just as glad to love this film as you should. Vote Rollins for President.


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I know she wasn`t in this one but did you know today is Eliza Dushkus 30th birthday (an incredible 12 years past her prime already), if i could have buggered that bird 12 years ago today on her 18th birthday i`d have felt as though i owned the universe.