Apr 6, 2008


Virtuosity is a science-fiction thriller made in the fabulous year of 1995. This year marked some of the greater underrated cyberpunk films to be released in Hollywood. A fine example is the violent Johnny Mnemonic. What made Virtuosity so special might be the fact of it's racial conflicts in the film.

In the beginning of the film, we see Denzel Washington in a bizarre Judge Dredd styled uniform. He is in virtual reality searching for a killer with many one-liners. When his partner asks "What do we look for?" Denzel replies "His Eyes - They look like mine." This line is one of the more hidden ways to mainstream blacks into society. More so the fact that when his virtual reality session is over, he goes from being slick and well-groomed into an exotic prison primate of sorts; donning the dreadlocks and scars.

When Denzel discusses his case and the reason he is in prison, he touches the prude white criminal psycho-analyst's hands. This action causes her to shiver with unrequited delight. This statement speaking aloud that all white women harness deep, dark sexual fantasies with black men. It goes from that ridiculous remark to Denzel having a forced prison brawl with a hairy neo-Nazi covered with "White Power!" tattoos. The dark meat he speaks of sure sounds foul.

That scene is also a gesture supporting the rumor that blacks are more prone to police brutality. This may, or may not be true, but Denzel won't stand for it. The certain killer he is tracking down is SID 6.7. This suave intelligent killer is played by none other than Russel Crowe. Denzel and Crowe won't be seen in a film together until American Gangster. Notice in Virtuosity, Denzel is a Negro Neanderthal and Crowe is a suave aficionado of suits, but in American Gangster, they switch roles completely.

SID 6.7 is a clever code-name due to it being rounded up from 6.66 (The Mark of the Beast) His personality is derived from the methods of 200 serial killers, all rolled into one. One of the killers is the murderer of Denzel's family prior to the present events. This gives an interesting twist as Denzel has the amazing chance to get revenge twice; something not explored at all in revenge films, and of course Adolf Hitler is the first name to come up. Of course, there is no "antisemitism" in the film. They pardon Denzel with the mission of "Black man cleaning up the white mans mess." This film also has a virtual poke-fun of at the "geek" of America. One sad pathetic loser drools at a virtual reality tease, so much as preventing a real relationship or even social activities. He is soon disposed of like the scum that he is.

Several aesthetic sequences of Virtuosity shine out. One being it's throbbing techno soundtrack that adds to the virtual eroticy that lingers off of the scenes, and the other were the state-of-the-art special effects. They range from Cronenberg and Giger-esque incubation pods to virtual screen melting. The film has a sadistic sexual side to it. SID 6.7 loves hearing beautiful women crawl at his feet screaming. Even more so when his favorite track of Lords of Acid plays at the same time. This song fits perfectly into the film, but is edited due to it's pedophilia lyrics. The song is entitled "Young Boys" and basically describes the singers affinity for young boys in bed. The sexual tones of Lords of Acid fits the club scene this film follows perfectly.

Virtuosity is a marvel of a cyberpunk film. Several of the scenes highlight the film and the other's are forgivable. It has an extremely interesting stand point of sensationalism in film that goes hand in hand with on screen violence. The year 1995 produced great cinematic propaganda. Too bad they rarely make film like they used to.


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