Apr 20, 2008


I have always thought that Andy Warhol was somewhat retarded. He always had the talent of “discovering” artists and financing their projects. I believe that his greatest find of sorts was his filmmaker Paul Morrissey who is often considered Warhol’s most hated collaborator. Andy Warhol’s Trash is a perfect example of why many pseudo artist hippies hate the underrated auteur.

Italian American drug addict Joe Dallesandro was the star and centerpiece of Paul Morrissey’s legendary trash trilogy. The films voyeuristically explore the slavery (both mental and physical) that resulted from sex, drugs, and Rock n’ Roll "revolution" so often found in the late 1960’s. Joe is a slave to heroin and only shows ambition when attempting to obtain his drug of choice. He supports his habitat by giving sexual favors to woman he uses for drug money. Unfortunately for him, he can’t even get his dick up to satisfy the women offering to pay for his services.

Despite looking like a hippie home video from the late 1960’s, Trash has more to stimulate the mind than all Darren Aronofsky films combined. Trash is a virtual document of white Americas decline into self destructive hedonism and mindless pleasure seeking. The “revolutionary” promoters (such as whiny agitator Abbie "Abe" Hoffman) of “liberation” movements of the late 1960’s were the children of former American (and from abroad) Communists (red diaper babies). The reality is that these scumbags subversives were bent on destroying western order and determined to get people to fall prey to their weaknesses for pleasurable vices.

The irrational babbling of a drugged out rich bitch with clown make-up acts as a great metaphor for the “revolutionary” changes that occurred during the fall of the United States. Although Joe Dallesandro is constantly zoning out during the rich bitch’s idiotic ramblings, his responses are quite adequate. This drugged out girl isn't even worth being acknowledged as a human being. To be fair, her “acting” and performance is unforgettable. The actress (her name was Andrea Feldman) later committed suicide by jumping of the 14th floor of an apartment building. A rosary and a can of coca cola was supposedly found in her hands (another metaphor?).

is far from being Trash. The film is an important piece of American history and better reflects America during the 1960’s than Easy Rider ever could. American youths are still being inspired by dead hippie legends and ruining their lives getting addicted to drugs. Paul Morrissey was the best weapon America ever had in the so-called war against drugs.

-Ty E

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