Apr 12, 2008


Roman catholic wusses John Cusack and Tim Robbins star in the very American 1980’s (1988 to be exact) comedy Tapeheads. Tapeheads is a satire of the music video age and the MTV generation (disgusting). The film also promotes the American virtue of “getting rich doing nothing.” Ivan and Josh (played by Cusack and Robbins) decide working a secure job as security guards doesn’t really satisfy their uneventful existences (they get fired anyways). The only thing to do is to start making lowbrow music videos in hopes of getting rich quick.

Tapeheads is a fairly lame film that seems even dated for when it was released. The film features a soundtrack of then already washed up musicians such as the Circle Jerks, Dead Kennedys, Devo, and Fishbone. I couldn’t even pinpoint which horrible generic 1980s song was which band. A shame that such innovative bands turned in to generic 1980s MTV rock. Dead Kennedys singer Jello Biafra even makes an appearance in Tapeheads as a FBI stating the ironic, “Remember what we did to Jello Biafro.” I guess theres is always room for Jello.

Tapeheads possibly features the first negro “white face” music group. This role reversal of sorts (black men parodying white music) is a sign of the affirmative action times. Two aging brothers look in disgust at the “white face” group and ones comments, “the whole place is full of losers and white trash.” The Swanky Modes (the two brothers) are a legendary soul duo that Ivan and Josh have decided to resurrect. Tapeheads is a film where average Joes realize it’s time to take advantage of American whorey and go for the big bucks. As Ivan states, “cash flow = personal freedom.” He has that much right.

FBI Agent Jello Biafra showing ID

The 1980s is possibly the worst era for the art of cinema. The complete and utter lack of culture reflects a generation of cheap hedonism and doing everything for a buck. I watched Tapheads in hopes that I would find something somewhat nostalgic and entertaining (I don’t expect a “masterpiece“). I went out of the film feeling like I was going to vomit up VHS tapes. Having an old white man singing a rap about chicken ’n waffles wasn’t funny the first time and certainly didn’t catch my fancy in the end credits. In conclusion, John Cusack has the gayest mustache ever.

-Ty E

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Anonymous said...

I would agree absolutely with your assessment of the 80s bands that you mentioned,with the possible exception of Devo...sorta.
Are you absolutely sure that Tim Robbins is Catholic? I don't get that impression at all.