Apr 14, 2008

Suicide Dolls

Chances are that you've heard of Team Psycho, that is, if you follow exploitation or foreign smut closely. Their film Psycho: The Snuff Reels (Tumbling Doll of Flesh) is the most well known, followed by the harakiri short Womens Flesh: My Red Guts. The other effort of theirs is called Suicide Dolls. Now first off, I must hand it to them for some very creative and depraved titles. Tumbling Doll of Flesh would make a great bumper sticker.

Suicide Dolls takes a failed Der Todesking approach on suicide. It follows three women who commit suicides three different ways. Rather than focusing on the effects of deterioration or even madness, this takes a silent aspect of the method of suicide. Without subtitles, we aren't missing much. Team Psycho aren't well known for having story-driven films, i can assume. The first woman has a newly purchased apartment and seems to be bored out of her damned mind.

She is surrounding my towering boxes of her belongings, none of which she has unpacked. Time passes slowly as we begin to yawn and feel the same blueness that our bedazzling heroine is feeling. Just like Lost Highway, it was the directors idea to create a boring atmosphere. This woman answers her phone, chats for a minute, and resumes her boring life. Eventually, she finds a handgun in her possessions and while playing with it, blows her brains out. Then her doorbell rings.

Then we encounter a hanging and last but not least, some good ole' fashioned harakiri including a last minute eyeball scooping scene. Team Psycho is known for their extreme amount of pornography and explicit gore and violence, and it is not like them to disappoint. As usual, the sets fucking blow. The style of film making is bland and leaves a tart taste in your mouth.

While being a fan of J-sploitation though, I can't hold the technical aspects against this film. Suicide Dolls does what it intends to do; shock and offend. The scenes after the suicides are also extremely unsettling due to the silence and monotone environment surrounding the recently departed. Suicide Dolls opens up with an eerie stop motion animation and ends with the same, leaving us with a spooky message of death. Suicide Dolls is a trip worth delving into.


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