Apr 14, 2008

Roswell Alien Autopsy

In the year 1947, a speculated UFO crash rocked the town of Roswell, New Mexico. Since then, Roswell has not only become the poster event of all conspiracies, but has became a pop culture phenomenon; spawning books, movies, a syndicated television series, and even a film. The most popular of all these is the speculated Autopsy tape of an alien being captured by the US Military.

Ray Santilli is the "founder" of this archived footage and in the year 2006, revealed that it was actually a reconstruction, almost as Hideshi Hino's Flowers of Flesh & Blood was. The difference between the two is that Santilli claims that the film this is based off actually exists within the footage itself. By the time they had enough money to purchase said film, the humidity had gotten the best of it, and the only survivors were several frames, which he then spliced in the footage.

While this being an outrageous claim, I cannot help but to wonder. Some scenes in this tape seem all too real. The Alien Autopsy tape is basically an E.T. Snuff film. We see two men cutting the aliens skin open, providing a glimpse at the weird organ structure of the species. The eyes are all black until later, when they peel off the film covering it to reveal eyes that inspired a creature in the Hollywood sci-fi comedy Men In Black.

The set pieces are eerie and bathed in light. The reality factor of it being in black and white doesn't help it's cause considering that color was definitely an option in that year. These men are dressed as if they are going on Iskanov's set of Philosophy of a Knife, except they aren't as sinister in purpose. The skin looks partially real. Latex is visible in some scenes, but i really give kudos to the injured leg. They pull out pieces of shrapnel and debris of the extraterrestrials leg. It's almost cringe worthy.

The authenticity of the film, while being said to be a hoax, is still one to ponder over. Kodak photo labs have not verified the time of the tape, however, two frames of film have been. The shots are of a staircase and an open doorway. These have been traced back to the year '47. All in all, the Roswell tape is mystifying and creepy, regardless if it is a hoax or not.



Mozzy said...

No doubt whether real or not, that this Roswell has spawned a lot of cinema and books.

I have only just finished a new novel inspired by the top-secret agency purported to have resulted from Roswell. It is called "Majestic XII" by Cam Lavac.

Unknown said...

"As Almustafa, the chosen and beloved... had waited twelve years in the city of Orphalese for his ship that was to return and bear him back to the isle of his birth"... We too, await to reconvene as "riders of the tide".
Roswell (St. Mary's Hospital) was the beginning of my sojourn on this "rock".