Apr 22, 2008

Prehysteria 2

Moonbeam Entertainment is that film company you remember from when you were a child. They released such classics as Josh Kirby: Time Warrior, Pet Shop, Prehysteria, and Adventures in Dinosaur City. These films are all ones that i remembered but could never find a title anywhere. Prehysteria 2 is the sequel to the original that broke rental records. The second is being helmed by Albert Band, who i will assume is Charles Band's butler. I'd like to assume this for comedic value.

In the second coming, the story ditches the original little boy who has a strange likeness to Jonathan Taylor-Thomas, and instead focuses on a rich brat who later became the wardrobe designer for The Matrix. He uses his money to purchase a crate of raisins which contains a handful of "Rock'N'Roll" dinosaurs. These mischievous dinosaurs are all named after musical artists, some more popular than the rest. There is Jagger, Madonna, Hammer, Paula, and Elvis.

("The One" on his way to Zion)

All of the characters fit the horrible stereotypes. The strict grandmother, the foreign gardener, the dad who has no time for his son, and the bumbling exterminators. Perhaps the worst stereotype of all is the token Goofy Jap. In all modern films, there lies at least one retarded Oriental. This one screams his name "Hiro!" over and over again and likes to sing really loud while preparing food. They exercise this stereotype even in modern films, like Disturbia. Even in films that embrace their own culture does evidence remain of this.

The one surprise that i never expected was to see Giuseppe Andrews in this film. Yes, lil' Joey is in this film, sporting a plaid jacket as the gang leader of a bunch of miscreants. I noticed that most ringleaders of young crime grow up to become successful actors; such as Jack Black in The Neverending Story 3, as the pseudo skinhead. I thought i had seen it all too.

(Giuseppe Andrews; 2nd from the right)

When these films premiered, they were magical and brought you into a world of fantasy. As an adult, these films are just very ridiculous. Upon my second viewing of 3 Ninjas Kick Back, i found the film to just be one of the worst films i have ever seen. It sounds unlikely that i had liked it when i was a child. Prehysteria 2 isn't as good and magical as the first, but it is still entertaining and retains some charm.


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