Apr 1, 2008


Hollywood Aryan superman Arnold Schwarzenegger fucks up an ugly tentacle sporting (looking like dreadlocks) alien in the 1987 action, sci-fi, and horror film Predator. This film is like Apocalypse Now meets Aliens directed by Die Hard director John McKiernan (which it was). Predator follows a US Army Special Forces team as they blast away commie scum in a rebel camp. After wasting all the putrid Marxist garbage (except for an attractive exotic woman of course), they confront another conflict, a humanoid (looks like a guy wearing a costume) alien hunter.

When Arnold Schwarzenegger's character Dutch says, “If it bleeds, we can kill it,” he was not speaking a lie. This quote is one of the most poetic lines to ever be spoken in film history (or maybe just the action genre). Arnold Schwarzenegger is the only person man enough to take on the alien predator. Governor Arnie can’t even take on illegal aliens.

Predator is another film produced by action producer Joel Silver. Silver is a Jew that loves to produce action films where big scary Aryan men kill tons of people and blow stuff up. In the end, these Nazi butchers are heroes. Whether it be Schwarzenegger in Commando or Bruce Willis in Die Hard, Joel Silver put up the money that confirmed his belief in Aryan supremacy.

Predator is another one of Joel Silver’s productions that features a gay subtext of sorts (see Commando). When one of the soldier Mac’s friend dies he states sadly, "he was um… my friend." Mac turns from cold blooded killer to sad little girl in seconds. He finally says his last farewell to his friend with "Good-Bye, Bro." A scene that confirms that even big black bald killers can have special love for an equally sized white killer.

The son of post World War II Austria, Schwarzenegger turns the Predator into a little shit talking bitch. His utilization of the woods calls back to the days of Schwarzenegger’s Teutonic ancestors. Now Schwarzenegger is using the stereotype of his ancestry as a means of making millions of dollars. Arnold Schwarzenegger may just be an Aryan sellout.

-Ty E


Anonymous said...

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jervaise brooke hamster said...

It always makes me feel a bit strange and depressed to realise that when "Predator" was originally released to that British filth on Jan 1st 1988 Heather had exactly 31 days to live. Just one breif month left and then she was gone forever, it still brings a tear to my eye now whenever i watch "Predator" but then i do what i always do to cheer myself up, i simply watch "Poltergeist 3" and Heather is back with me again, i really dont know what i`d do if i didn`t have access to that movie on regular basis, you see i need to be with Heather every evening to avoid depression. By the way, i want to bugger Elpidia Carillo (as she was in 1979 when she was 18, not as she is now obviously).