Apr 30, 2008

The Mothman Prophecies

Terror is an intimate subject. Many things can horrify someone; It's all dependent on one's personal fears and experiences. As i walk past the theater where Prom Night is being shown and hear the chorus of pre-teen girls screaming, I question modern horrors respect for the very feeling that gave birth to the genre.

The Mothman Prophecies is a film that stands on it's own. While it is a modern work that slightly butchers the source material (John Keel; The Mothman Prophecies) I find this film to be in a league of its own. It was strong 10 years ago, and its still strong now. In fact, the film hasn't lost any of it's emotional impact. When i first saw this film, I was horrified. The levels of sound and the depth of the perception that is in every frame is astounding. If anything, this film should be hailed as a masterpiece of sound editing.

After my initial viewing, i scoured the Internet searching for the stories that this film was based on. After finding a site, I began to read hundreds of case files, making notes of everything of interest. As i began to de-socialize from the real world, I Myself, became lost into this myth of a moth creature. The stories scared me more than the film because for once, I believed. After this, I went into a Cryptzoology stint.

In West Virginia during the 60's, a Moth creature terrified the local populace. Many people began to create conspiracy theories and dig up of Indian curses put on the town. The fact is that these hard-working church-going people saw something otherworldly. It was also seen on the Silver Bridge during its collapse.

Several scenes will terrify you, no matter who you are. The several with the enigma Indrid Cold and the camera trick mirror scene are just a few of the more memorable ones. The music is a mixture of ambiance and weird clicks & whistles synced with orchestral music. The boldest move of this film, is to not show the Mothman in the flesh. Due to various reports, nobody can have a true depiction of the creature. Science may debunk the creature, but things aren't always that simple.

This film manages to embrace every thought of the unknown in such an abstract way that it presents itself as unsurpassed. The Mothman Prophecies is like an amazingly terrifying episode of The X-Files, but without the character development and sexual tension. After seeing this film, I desired nothing more than to visit Point Pleasant for myself and hope for a sighting. I for one, believe in the Mothman, more than i believe in most things.


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Anonymous said...

in the pic of the "moth" it could be one of the things that's on the top of the other 2 sides of the bridge just broken or tilted...pics wayyy to small to even imagine that was a moth like creature