Apr 5, 2008

Little Noises

Just like the tag line reads, "Don't judge a book by the cover." Little Noises is not a comedy, and nor is it a happy film. The humor of the DVD release is one thing to appreciate. There is none of anything you see on the cover art. Before you begin to judge this film as some romantic comedy in New York, read on. It's a tiny film concerning most negative emotions you can cover. This was one of those straight shot films that Crispin Glover starred in to produce his own features.

This story has Crispin Glover in a role where he isn't an eccentric brainiac. In this role, he plays a man named Joey. He has wanted to be a writer more than anything his entire life. The only problem is, is that he lacks any creativity or artistic endeavors. Upon his mute friend Marty leaving his book of poems behind, Joey decides to steal it an publish it. Rik Mayall also has a great role in this film as a bumbling literary agent who has his head stuck up his ass. You might know Rik as Drop Dead Fred. What a career change.

A Murder of Crows even seems to take the plot outline and fleshes it out more. This film managed to fix many of the mistakes that were present in Little Noises. Normally, I like a conclusion to my films but Little Noises has a mildly sadistic ending that is as heart-breaking as it is cruel and inhumane. Little Noises is a normal film by all means, but does feature many bizarre elements, such as autistic philosophies, emphasis on the role of the Moon, dream-logic scenes, and the weird contrast of colors.

Marty steals the show in this film. I've never known a character to steal it from Glover but it was done. His persistence in creating a friendship is fickle and admirable. His outcome in the story was unbearably depressing. It's like the director despised the character. Without Marty, there would be no Little Noises.

Little Noises was billed as a comedy but I cannot back up that assumption. There was little to no humor in this film, just Crispin Glover getting furious with his dimwit friend, Timmy. Little Noises is an effective tale of deceit and shallow love. Crispin Glover is always a name to recommend so i saw no real faults.


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jervaise brooke hamster said...

rik mayall is the scum of the earth simply because he is british.