Apr 15, 2008

The Green Berets

I have never really been a John Wayne fan. I have always found him to be a pseudo tough guy playing the role of the definitive masculine hero. Wayne made this clear when he dodged World War II service (when many other people in Hollywood contributed). Knowing this, it makes his anti-communist films much more interesting. I constantly asked myself whether or not Wayne believes in what he promotes. To add, I wonder if Wayne is in character 100% of the time. Wayne may have even traded in his real personality for the role of a heroic alpha male. Acting never seemed to be too manly of a career.

Communists openly admitted they sought world domination through international revolution (by use of ignorant and exploited proletarians). I also think its fairly obvious that communists were barbaric. They ended up killing the largest amounts of human beings who didn’t fit well into collectivist societies in human history. Finally, I think its fairly obvious communists sought to destroy the family, church, and personal freedoms. Communism was no doubt designed to destroy Western Civilization. John Wayne obviously oversimplifies these themes. In Green Berets, they even become comical. The film is very black and white with no real interesting concepts. But then again, that makes the best propaganda.

Gay Cowboy icon John Wayne representing the Red, White, and Blue

The interesting thing about the anticommunist Hollywood films is their lack of condemning Americans involved with rise of the Soviet Union. New York City wall street banker Jacob Schiff gave $20 million dollars to Leon Trotsky (David Bronstein) to fund the Russian revolution of 1917. Without American bankers, the Soviet Union would have never existed. It's interesting that without Capitalism there would be no Communism. Knowing that, the Bolshevik leaders seemed to be uninterested in their theories but more of an interest in the enslavement and control of people as a collective. That’s exactly what happened.

Green Berets epitomized all lies that American war films presented. The Americans were always fighting the good and noble war. The war that would result in peace. At the end of Green Berets John Wayne tells a little orphan boy that he is the reason America fights. I couldn't help but laugh at this scene. It was the most entertaining point in the film. But then again, I felt Green Berets was truly an American film so I can’t really hate it. The film gives you the comfort of feeling like you are at home.

I totally agree with the common assertion that the Western is a part (or extension) of the combat genre. It's comparable to the Western inspiring the Samurai, and the Samurai inspiring Star Wars. All these different films fit essentially into the same genre. They have the same black and white(good vs. evil) plots. I personally have never been a fan of any of these genres really for that reason.

After viewing Green Berets I felt as if I had seen nothing new. To be honest I don’t even remember most of it. It's comparable to countless other shitty war films.

-Ty E

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jervaise brooke hamster said...

Two great things about John Wayne: his rampaging heterosexuality and the fact that he wasn`t British but in every other way he was perhaps the most ludicrously laughable piece of garbage in the history of the universe.