Apr 25, 2008

Hitler's Jewish Soldiers

Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers is a documentary based on a book of the same name. The film (or digital video) features a variety of interviews with a variety of Germans of Jewish descent who fought for Germany in World War II. These men were classified as Mischling by the German government. Over 150,000 men of Jewish descent fought in Hitler's army (compare that to the 600,000 full Jews who lived in Germany before Hitler's rise to power). Germans that had two Jewish Grandparents were considered Mischling in the first degree and those with one Jewish grandparent were labeled Mischling in the second degree.

Virtually all Mischling were Roman Catholic as the majority of Jews that converted to Christianity decided the pope was their fuehrer of choice. The majority of ethnic Germans were of the Protestant faith (obviously). The fact that the majority of Jewish to Christian converts were Roman Catholics is interesting as virtually all of the main Nazi leaders (including Adolf Hitler) came from Roman Catholic backgrounds. The faith of many international crypto-Jews such as the Spanish Sephardic Marrano’s also decided to outwardly practice Roman Catholicism (although practicing Judaism in secret).

1/2 Jewish Aryan poster boy Werner Goldberg

1/2 Jew Horst Geitner was awarded both the Iron Cross Second Class and the Silver Wound Badge

Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers features interviews with various elderly Mischling and their own experiences with being Jews in Hitler’s Army. Many of these individuals still consider themselves Jewish today. One of these men has even become a Zionist extremist who spouts the Jewish hate slur Goyim (meaning cattle in reference to all gentiles). None of these men seem reluctant in telling their own stories and experiences in the German Wehrmacht. The documentary also takes a look at German generals and other prominent military leaders of Jewish descent. German field Marshall Erhard Milch (who was half Jewish) is even exposed as someone that used Jewish slave labor.

Of course, you can expect a very politically correct angle taken in Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers as not to offend certain individuals. The documentary even mentions how Hitler would have probably killed all the Mischling after the war if Germany had won the war, although the film offers no evidence to back up those claims. This would be highly unlikely as many people in the German government and military with prominent positions were of Jewish descent. The fact of the matter is that Jewish and German relations in Nazi Germany were much more complicated than Steven Spielberg or Eli Wiesel would want to admit.

1/2 Jewish Nazi Field Marshal Erhard Milch

Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers
has a fairly simple and almost amateur construction. The real wealth of the documentary is in it’s exceptional interviews and stories. The documentary is more of a companion piece to the book written by American military historian Bryan Mark Rigg. Do yourself a favor and dilute the propaganda you learned at the unscholarly American public school you attend. Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers is a testament to the complexity of history. There is no such thing as objective history so it’s up to the individual to do their own research and develop their own interpretations.

-Ty E


jervaise brooke hamster said...

to acheive paradise here on earth all you need to do is destroy the british and queers, if those 2 catorgories could be eradicated the world would become a perfect place very quickly.

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Does a General have to call a Field Marshal "Sir" ?.