Apr 25, 2008

Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantánamo Bay

Disquieting racism is in every film you see now-a-days. Whether they are presenting the ignorance in a harmful light of not is the true argument. The first Harold & Kumar film focused on the drug-life rather than anything else. The film was boring with only a few scenes that could be seen as comedy, Harold & Kumar 2 took everything wrong with the first film, revamped it, and made a fucking hilarious film that doesn't argue semantics.

On a flight to Amsterdam, Harold & Kumar get mistaken for terrorists due to the color of their skin and wind up in Guantánamo Bay awaiting their first "cockmeat sandwich" They escape from the prison and are on their way to Texas to try to get help from politicians. Also, Neil Patrick Harris.

If Harold & Kumar 2 did one thing right, it would be the clever marketing of the iconic Patrick Harris. The fact that so many idols of B-films get a mascot job of sorts, or even headliners for more shitty films, such as Casper Van Dien from Starship Troopers or Bruce Campbell from Evil Dead. The teaser poster showing Neil on a unicorn with the words "What would NPH Do?" is only a taste of the ridiculous antics to come.

The film is a satire of child actors, fashion trends, and racial stereotypes. These are explained briefly in scenes that are the highlights of the movie. One scene involves a Department of Homeland Security agent trying to get questions out of a Negro commuter. He decides that the only way to get him to talk, would be to open a can of Grape Soda and pour it out. This Negro orthodontist is horrified by the white man's ignorance and the only thing that can be heard it the neighbors screaming "That's racist!"

(Jew's never stray far from their coins)

A similar scene is also present, involving 2 Jew-clowns in an interrogation room. You might remember Goldstein from the first film. Well, this time his role is small and the majority of his screen time you see him collecting gold coins. Roger Bart plays the Jewish intellectual who constantly downplays the head agent's intelligence and opposes him. He's the only one that can see that these two boys are innocent.

President George W. Bush even makes an appearance in the film that leads to huge laughs as he calls his father and tells him "Fuck you!" This scene alone grants it a film that embraces it's political incorrectness and displays scenes of southern inbreds, KKK members, and jokes against all races. I personally promise you this is a vast improvement over the sloth-comedy that was present in the original. Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantánamo Bay is like Euro-Trip, except it doesn't suck. Stick around after the credits.


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