Apr 16, 2008

Goodbye Uncle Tom

Goodbye Uncle Tom is the ultimate shockumentary. People have often called the film a mockumentary due to it’s offensive material and their inability to live in reality. Goodbye Uncle Tom ignores all taboos associated with the historical facts of the United States. The film is also the most offensive of all the Mondo Cane documentaries. Mondo Cane filmmakers Gualtiero Jacopetti and Franco Prosperi really went all the way to expose the “dark” history of the United States.

Goodbye Uncle Tom documents the history of American slavery and then concludes with a warning for the future. A determined black man is ready to start killing white families and collect some ancient dues. Goodbye Uncle Tom exposes the idiocy and degeneracy of white liberal hedonism that took place during the late 1960s (and still continues today). While pathetic white hippies dance naked in paint and talk about peace, a black man is watching their every move. He is getting ready for attack.

Philosophical terrorist Karl Marx is exposed as having his years of “study” being funded by Jewish pirate Jean Lafitte in Goodbye Uncle Tom. Lafitte made a great deal of money during the New Orleans slave trades and sent it to Marx in Europe. The fact that Karl Marx was funded by slavery only confirms his cryptic intentions when coming up with his “theories.” Goodbye Uncle Tom also features a Jewish doctor talking about the subhuman qualities of Africans. The doctor talks about the superiority of white Europeans and is eventually questioned about his Jewish heritage. As you would expect, he becomes very offended. This scenes gives a closer look at the real reality surrounding the slave trades and real beneficiaries.

Goodbye Uncle Tom
also documents the weird sexual practices and fantasies of white slave owners. Young black girls were giving to visiting friends of slave owners for the night. The mammy made sure to check their vagina's before being used for aristocratic pleasures. A rich white bitch even has a mass lot of slaves used for sadomasochistic sex and torture. One of the most disturbing scenes involves the selling of young boys and girls by a vaudevillian style black dwarf. Apparently rich pedophiles have lust for 7 year old black boys with painted gold penises.

A slave breeding plantation is also featured in Goodbye Uncle Tom. We find out that only a few studs were used as breeding slaves resulting in low genetic variance among slaves. The slave owners and crackers (indentured servants) are also shown adding to slaves genetic variance via brutal rape. Some slaves were even bred interracial to be sold at a higher price for having “part human” genetics. Don’t expect any type of censorship in Goodbye Uncle Tom as everything is exposed.

Goodbye Uncle Tom
is the real story on American history and the African slave trades. All historical elements of the film are from historical letters and documents. You even get to see the role the catholic church played in slave owning (seems like they still practice slavery). Despite it’s powerfully and unapologetic offensive material, Goodbye Uncle Tom paints a realistic portrait of American history that disinformation con artists like Michael Moore only wish they could have pulled out of their ass.

-Ty E


Anonymous said...

Is this _Africa Addio_,or a newer flick? I saw _Mondo Cane_,natch,but never did catch A.A.,so I wonder if this Uncle Tom movie is one and the same.

Anonymous said...

great movie! an alltime favorite of mine.
(it came after Africa Addio, imo their masterpiece)
i know it's so raw and strong but in a funny way that makes it quite unique.

like every J&P production it does have a great photography and several sequences that deserve an entry in cinema history.
i have in mind, for example, the arrival by helicopter over cotton fields or the white little girl keeping a black boy on a leash.

and if u understand italian it's even A LOT better because almost every character speaks in a different italian dialect, crazy stuff.
not to mention the (splatter pop) ending.
(i think there's also a little pasolini and fellini in their work)

here in italy they are pretty forgotten or hated due to their (supposed) fascism... ok they may not be marxists but i don't even think they are fascists at all, maybe they are just crazy people ;)

hate or love it.


Soiled Sinema said...

Yea, the film did seem like it had an Fellini influence with it's in your face and almost surreal nature.

It's a shame the mondo cane films are hidden due to our pathetic and censoring political climate.