Apr 19, 2008

Gone the Way of Flesh

Tagged with more than favorable reviews, I had cemented views that this film was going to be good, If not good, then fun. I don't think i have ever regretted viewing a film so much as this one. Gone the Way of Flesh is a film that has been loved by the likes as Ted V. Mikels, Tom Savini, and Herschell Gordon Lewis. The fact that these horror legends made such classy remarks about such an appalling film is beyond me. Hell, the title doesn't even make any sense.

To me, I feel that this film is merely a cover for trying to promote the directors band "The Jason Martinko Revue." A similar play has been used by Brandon Small's hit cartoon Metalocalypse. This marketing ploy might work, but the difference is that Metalocalypse is entertaining, which itself is an understatement. This piece of trash seems to be a carbon copy of a story from Troma's Tales from the Crapper. It's always wise to steal from great source material.

A serial killer is killing off rock'n'roll groupies following the director's band. That is the only depth you will find in this film. Regardless for the bland story which is accompanied by a horrible band, the production values of this film is degrading to watch. I'm almost positive the director stole some kid's lunch money and made this film.

The director may not "give-a-damn" now, but he sure as shit better start soon, lest I'll have to verbally massacre more of his future projects. Gone the Way of Flesh is an amateur perverts delight on film. This is not material for any single person to enjoy. With many horror directors in this generation, controversy is a simple tool for success. Gone the Way of Flesh is very excited to announce that JewTube banned their trailer. The very fact that people support low-brow exploitation films is why they are becoming more diluted. Quality is a very rare occurence in modern "trash"

Expect this foul project to be released on Troma video soon. As always, the "Tromatic" special features including the Radiation March will prove to be better than the Feature Presentation. Perhaps Mystery Science Theater 3000 should make a comeback slandering this film. Most likely not, but then again, there's always Rifftrax.


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