Apr 2, 2008


Tim Burton made his cinematic debut (his first project was the 6 minute animation Vincent) with the 30 minute short Frankenweenie. A film that takes the Frankenstein story and sets it in American suburbia. Disney fired Tim Burton after viewing Frankenweenie claiming the short was a “waste of company resources.” I guess they were offended by the subject matter. Quite odd when considering that Disney world now has honeymoons for gay couples.

Everyone knows that kids love their dogs. Dogs are the super animal heroes and rescuers of small children. What a tragic experience it would be for a young child to witness the death of their canine companion (I wonder if this happened to Burton?). The only option for such a horrible event is the re-animation of K9 Sparky. The boy in Frankenweenie comes up with the idea during his science class where his teacher resurrects a frog via electricity.

Tim Burton has the mind of a gothic child. Only he would come up with the idea of a cute and cuddly electric zombie dog. Like all dog films, Frankendog Sparky saves his child human companion. This act of bravery (filmed on a Plan 9 From Outerspace style set) creates acceptance in the once repulsed neighbors of the boy and his undead dog. Tim Burton has always had a sweet spot for "dark" outsiders.

Ironically, Tim Burton has signed a deal with Disney to direct a feature length 3D stop-motion animation remake of Frankenweenie. I guess Disney has no problem with the film when they know they can cash in on it. Tim Burton’s most recent animation film Corpse Bride didn’t live up to my expectations of the Hot Topic icon director. Hopefully the animated remake of Frankenweenie will even be comparable to Burton’s brainchild A Nightmare Before Christmas.

-Ty E

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jervaise brooke hamster said...

i saw this about 20 years ago and i always remember it as being one of the most embarressing, unbearable half hours of my entire life.