Apr 2, 2008

Ex Drummer

The minute this film began, as soon as i heard the glorious song 2 Morro Morro Land from none other than Lightning Bolt, i knew that this track would be a metaphor for the entire film. Just like the song, it starts off with a slow bang, then eases it's way into the chaos that you come to expect. As soon as the repetition sticks with you and you think it won't pick up anymore, it does. So there i was, watching this film thinking it couldn't get anymore screwed up. I love surprises. As savage as this film is, It's impossible to not notice its poetic moments.

Ex Drummer is a Belgian film directed by Koen Mortier. From the rock n' roll aspects of the film and it's use of unsimulated sex, I guess you could call this the bastard love-child of John Cameron Mitchell's films, except with artistic integrity. Some of Mortier's situations and set-pieces can be called a travesty of Gondry's work, but all the more effective. For a direct example, we meet a guy named "Big Dick", who as you might have guessed, has a big dick. We see him here explaining how big it is.

This film has a big heart and it's full of hate. We have extreme misogyny, extreme homophobia, hate crimes, and a band called Six Million Jews. Needless to say, nobody cares about Six Million Jews, and we never hear them play, which is a hilarious move for the director. The plot involves several gutter punks who are missing a drummer for their band. Each of the members go to a local celebrity looking for a drummer. He accepts and is told that every member needs a handicap. Dries states that he cannot play the drums.

Koen de Geyter is the skinhead rapist of the group. He lives in his apartment on the ceiling; upside down. Expect some interesting effects and crazy aggression scenes played out backwards. Everyday he brings another woman home and paints his walls with her blood during the rape. Jan is the homosexual who has a stiff arm and an extremely fucked up family. Ivan is the dope fiend who has a disgusting wife and a child. Together, this group of assholes form The Feminists.

The comical situations in this film are the highlights, and to be frank, this film is very graphic, vulgar, obscene, and highly offensive. Several of the situations called attention to similarities in Ken Park and Bad Boy Bubby. Ex Drummer is a smash bang film with some notorious bloodshed and a very moral behind it. It won't be long before this reaches cult status. Some could even say these characters have hearts of beasts.


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