Apr 4, 2008

Doggy Poo


Doggy Poo is exactly what you'd think it would be, plus more. What Doggy Poo essentially starts out as, seems like a Christmas story or even a story about a lone "thing" trying to make his keep in the world but this film morphs slowly into a film which seems to force religion onto the viewer by asking ourselves "Why has God put me on earth?"

The tactics it uses are that of manipulating sorrow and harnessing it into a cocktail of emotions. Doggy Poo is like Milo & Otis, It is a children's story from Asia, dubbed over with over-dramatic voice acting. It is the claymation story of a lone piece of shit dropped by a dog that cries every couple of scenes cause God made him as a waste of space. At the end of this half an hour story of a turd crying, he copulates, more or less, with a weed, creating a dandelion.

The scene of fusion between the poo and the weed is quite beautiful for being an absent-minded Korean animation film. It's hard to take the film serious for it's intense subject matter dealing with a talking turd. South Park has a more believable atmosphere surrounding it's poo hero. Many of the scenes are well constructed and are plausible. Many situations are comical and try too hard at making the viewer cry. All these, are in vain.

Doggy Poo is a highly absurd film regarding shit. Not one directed by Spielberg, mind you. But rather one about trying to find a purpose in life, but falls short when it reveals it's sinister nature by spreading a message which states God loves shit.


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