Apr 7, 2008


Destricted is a compilation of seven short films by seven different directors expressing their views on sexuality and pornography. As can be expected, some are interesting and some are complete shit. Directors generally use short films as an opportunity to experiment with the film medium. Many of these directors are already virtual pornographers so the Destricted project is fitting to their backgrounds.

Balkan Erotic Epic directed by Marina Abramovic

This short features Slavs from the Balkans playing with their tits, fucking a grassy field (actually having sex with the ground), and flashing their muffs to mother nature. The short plays out as something you might expect to see on the history channel if they included graphic sex history. Apparently women from the Balkans used to cover their hands with their female secretions and put it on their children’s face. What loving mothers.

Sync directed by Marco Brambilla

I am sure mind control Soviet propagandist Dziga Vertov would be proud of this porn scene montage. This short films is merely a collection of sex footage edited together in a cokeheads format. Nothing very interesting here. Brambilla probably came up with the idea for the film after watching the latest McDonald's commercial.

Hoist directed by Matthew Barney

Some weird fuck greases his dick while being suspended in some type of industrial machine. This short had me disgusted after I actually noticed what was going on. Hoist starts out ambiguous in a close-up shot of a dirty body and an erecting object (guess what it is?). An interesting short that acts as a horrible nightmare (despite it being intended to be so or not).

Impaled directed by Larry Clark

Larry Clark does what he likes best when interviewing young men about sex and pornography. The interviewed, for the most part, seem fairly brain dead. Clark also has porn stars give confessionals on sex and how they got into the sinful porn industry. Eventually an Emo looking fellow has the opportunity to pick out a porn star to screw and he goes for anal with a 40 year old. Larry Clark once again confirms that he is an old pervert that has yet to become conscious of his porn directing ambitions (yet happened landed there).

We Fuck Alone directed by Gaspar Noé

We Fuck Alone takes a look at two very different individuals in their own privacy masturbating to the same porno. The short is filmed with a strobe effect that you would expect from Noé. A cutesy teenage girl is the first to be featured masturbating. She makes sure that her teddy bear is close by her naked body. The second person to fuck alone is a weird fuck with a blow up doll and a devil lock haircut. A worthy effort from Noé.

House Call directed by Richard Prince

A doctor starts screwing his patient in this short. Featuring ambient noise and super shitty video quality, House Call is porn for art fags. Aside from auditory and visual dissonance, the short is fairly typical of a porn. A sometimes interesting effort, but nothing new.

Death Valley directed by Sam Taylor-Wood

They saved the worst for last with this pointless jerk off fest. A lone man takes a walk into Death Valley and starts masturbating. He seems to be having some mental problems in the process. What a lonely fellow. Director Sam Taylor-Wood put no thought into this short that should have been aborted.

Destricted offers a few alluring shorts. It would have been interesting to have seen John Waters and Jörg Buttgereit contribute a film to the compilation. Half of the directors involved in Destricted have no right calling themselves artists. Anyone can captivate an audience with sex (especially when it‘s unconventional).

-Ty E

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