Apr 14, 2008

Der Todesengel

In the tradition of I Spit On Your Grave, Der Todesengel (Angel of Death) features a scantily clad female who gets raped by a couple of men. After this traumatic experience, she decides to rebel against the opposite gender and seduce men into sexual situations only to murder them. Due to the lack of subtitles, dialogue is incomprehensible and utterly worthless. The only thing you might be missing out on is the possible lesbian nature of the main character.

It tries to make the connection between Sex and death that Nekromantik did so well. The tendency to fornicate with the dead leads to an addiction that normal sex cannot quench. So begins the murders. As far as a sexploitation trash film goes, Der Todesengel doesn't disappoint too bad. It features explicit shitty gore, including a hilarious head exploding scene. Der Todesengel features an audacious amount of German T & A.

Unlike the rivaling title Der Todesking, which exhibits the deterioration of even death, this film has nowhere near any of the pure Teutonic values that came from Buttgereit's film. The fact that this German films title came from the moniker which was given to Josef Mengele, a Nazi physician who enjoyed activities as castrating young boys. This being speculation and reports from survivors of "The Holocaust" Needless to say, reading about the real "Angel of Death" is more interesting than this film. At least Uncle Mengele gives you delicious sweets for good behavior.

Andreas Bethmann brings nothing new to the genre and doesn't try to make up for his faults with effective visuals. Most of the sets look like his mother's basement or rather his backyard. There is no soundtrack to be heard, as i recall. Bethmann has more artistic merit then lets say, Andreas Schnaas, who just creates cinematic shit.

While it is a simple sex-and-death film that tries to capture the notoriety of other films like Baise Moi, it doesn't succeed and is just another forgettable rape revenge film. Der Todesengel is as bad as it sounds, but has some entertainment factor. I hate how the German language sounds on DIY film. Sounds like a slurred accent being put through an emotional blender.


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