Apr 9, 2008

Cannibal Holocaust: Cultural Anthropologists Finally Get Their Due!

Cannibal Holocaust is the definitive Italian cannibal film. Anyone that has ever been interested in underground horror, exploitation, and other related cinema perversities has seen or at least heard of the film. Cannibal Holocaust also has a good amount of interesting truths and tall tales surrounding the film. Director Ruggero Deodato was arrested for obscenities after first being premiered in Italy. Rumors were later spread that Cannibal Holocaust was a snuff film and that the actors involved were really killed. Of course (and unfortunately), none of this was true.

Various critics have supported the film as they see it as an excellent social commentary on the civilized world. When watching Cannibal Holocaust, the social commentaries are quite apparent and obvious (just how mainstream critics like it). Cannibal Holocaust concludes with a cowardly morale note of 'who are the real monsters – the cannibals or us?’ To be honest, I enjoy Cannibal Holocaust for it’s extreme revolutionary killings and complete disregard for spineless political correctness. But I also enjoy it for another hidden reason.

The mainstream critics always forget to mention one crucial element of Cannibal Holocaust and it’s “social commentary.” As everyone who has seen Cannibal Holocaust knows, the film follows a group of sick anthropologists as they exploit the savagery of the native savage. These scientists have PhD’s, yet lack any type of moral consciousness. They actually do represent the contemporary forms of Anthropology, cultural Anthropology.

Cultural anthropology was invented by self-loathing German Jew Franz Boas who wouldn’t even acknowledge his Jewish background. He was a product of assimilation during the period of German enlightenment. Franz Boas was also heavily influenced by the anti-reason philosophies of Emmanuel Kant. Novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand stated the following of Kant and his contribution to Western civilization, “I have mentioned in many articles that Kant is the chief destroyer of the modern world… You will find that on every fundamental issue, Kant's philosophy is the exact opposite of Objectivism.” When dissecting the irrationality that is modern academia, you will find that Rand is accurate in her assertion.
Tragically, Kantian Franz Boas is considered the “father” of modern day anthropology. Cultural anthropology is often considered in union with Sigmund Freud’s invention of psychoanalysis.

Franz Boas being scientific

It is not surprising to see the often correlation between cultural anthropology and psychoanalysis as they are both pseudo sciences. Cultural anthropology emphasizes the “science” of culture. They consider race to be a “social construct” with no biological basis. Anyone that has ever taken the most basic of university level biology classes will know the only truth is in genetics. For anyone to call something like “race” a social construct, is both irrational and ignorant. Especially when considering that most supporters of cultural anthropology also strongly believe in evolution.

Sigmund Freud plotting destruction

So one might ask, why would these two pseudo sciences (cultural anthropology and psychoanalysis) be so highly regarded and practiced in modern day academia? The reason for this is they are both political movements bent on subverting Western civilization in hopes of establishing an internationalist one world government (called “Globalization“). Cultural anthropology and psychoanalysis both ignore the scientific method giving the excuse that “science” is racist. They deny reality with the horrible lie that they are virtuously promoting diversity and international harmony.

The cultural anthropologists featured in Cannibal Holocaust act as a great example of the subversive and immoral practices utilized by those “scientists.” During the early 1960’s, cultural anthropologists began an unofficial competition of sorts to find unstudied cultures around the world and document them. In the process they ended up destroying all of these cultures as they were exposed to western culture. Very few hunter-gatherer tribes contemporarily exist due to the “scientific investigation” of a few neo-Bolshevik propagandists.

The rape, murder, and destruction found in Cannibal Holocaust symbolically emphasizes the destruction of culture so hatefully practiced by cultural anthropologists. A group of individuals that sought to subvert “white western ethnocentrism” in hopes of establishing international global harmony and eventually racial hegemony, have done the world a great disservice. The killer “savages” found in Cannibal Holocaust are heroes of the highest degree. They acted to protect their people and culture from the contamination of cosmopolitan degeneracy (whether they knew it or not).

Director Ruggero Deodato almost perfectly captured the atmosphere of cinéma vérité popularized by French cultural anthropologist Jean Rouch. Rouch would later have a huge influence on commie directors Jean-Luc Godard and Béla Tarr. Deodato’s unapologetic attitude towards the likes of cultural anthropologists should be held in the highest regard to those considering themselves friends of humanity. When someone tells you they are fighting against “oppression” they are usually fighting for it.

-Ty E


Anonymous said...

First of all, I agree that the movie has more levels than most critics realize and the critique of the cultural anthropology has escaped most critics.

I've studied cultural anthropology. I wouldn't call it pseudo-science, but it has many 'pot-holes' and some of the scholars build castles in Spain.

What fascinates me mostly with CH is the lack of empathy:
The Cannibals...The Film team...The Film Industry...The Anthropologist

All of them lack of empathy...One holds on to the anthropologist as the 'sane' guy until the very last scene, when it is revealed that he has no empathy either!

Anonymous said...

Let me guess, you're a Glen Beck disciple.

Anonymous said...

^ let me guess, you're a cultural marxist^

Unknown said...

When the inevitable famine grasps the USA populace with its cold, clammy talons I am convinced the human herd hereabouts will view humans as a fine, abundant food source.