Apr 15, 2008

Beautiful Girl Hunter

AKA Star of David

Tatsuya is the respectable heir of his father's fortune. He resides in a manor as cold as the killer that hides within his eyes. He is not the product of love, but born purely as a product of hate, as his mother was raped by a killer. While growing up, his father-like guardian beat him and unleashed his sexual urges against his mother leaving her dead. With both of his parents out of the way, Tatsuya's grotesque carnal instincts are breaking free.

With a title like this, it is very easy to pass this off as another piece of pinku sleaze, same with Captured for Sex 2 or Rape & Death of a Housewife. An interesting aspect of this film is the alternate title of the film "Star of David" At first, I figured it was referring to the hexagram and not the symbol of the Zionism movement, but my hopes were crushed when i found out our anti-hero also has a fetish for Nazi's.

In his history class, while being fed sensationalism about the terrors of Nazi's and Hitler, he developed a morbid fascination with the National Socialists. Our friend Tatsuya even manages to masturbate all over a copy of Night and Fog (Nacht und Nebel.) With that being said, in a scene exchanging words with a friend, his friend has been brainwashed to pity the Jews who died. Tatsuya disagrees because he "hates masses" Throughout the entire movie, the symbol of Zionism is brought up frequently in usage of sado-sexual torture and madness.

Ejaculation on Nazi's

The authentic feel in Star of David is led only by the amazing array of bondage rope-games and bizarre set-ups that lead to sadistic rapes and tortures. Misogyny is practiced in his makeshift chamber everyday. Those crazy Japs seem to get off by Urolagnia in almost every pinku film ever conceived. Japanese people hold the torch for being some of the most deviant sexual practicer's.

Aside from the constant battering and use of Nazi's to make a film that much more evil, it is a landmark film in the beauty of sexual tortures. It shows the even the most malignant and putrid acts of torture has a shining side of the ultimate romanticism, more so than the pretentious French try to highlight in every one of their films. For once, I'd like a film to portray other villains other than the Germans.

Like Blind Beast and most other Asian films concerning the macabre side of sex, this film is a chronicling of forbidden desires and I applaud it for it's stunning use of religious symbolism. Other than that, this film is a "how-to" guide on how to degenerate a loved one. Misogyny might be hard to spell, but it's easy to practice.


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