Mar 7, 2008

World Trade Center

I was not at all surprised when I learned that Oliver Stone had decided to capitalize off the 9/11 terrorist attacks with his film World Trade Center. Stone’s deep respect for subversive and morally unconventional money making was confirmed in his 1987 film Wall Street. World Trade Center also acts as a propaganda film of sorts catering to the mindset of traitorous capitalist internationalists and their corporate backers. As any good propaganda should be, World Trade Center hides behind a completely idealized view of the American blue collar patriotic spirit.

World Trade Center focuses on two New York City police officers that have been trapped in the rumble of a building in ruin. Both men are the everyday hero that risk their lives to ensure the safety of the United States from criminal elements (or at least Stone wants us to believe this). These characters were based on the real life New York City Port Authority policemen who were trapped in a virtual hell on earth. Oliver Stone is able to exploit the hearts of true American sentimentalists by focusing on the suffering and personal problems both suffer.

Oliver Stone confirms his commitment to the state of Israel clear with one random and out of place quote from a Jewish cop in the film. He says exactly, “Israel? It’s Gone. It’s Nuked” and follows with “The whole freaking world is coming to an end today, Willy.” For those who don’t know, the middle eastern countries hate the United States due to our complete and 100% support of the state of Israel. We provide Israel with all the weapons and funding necessary to “fight” the enemy states surrounding Israel. The entire world knows this yet, the average American seems to have no idea.

The quote from the Jewish police officer has another bold yet sick meaning. The world will cease to exist before the state of Israel is wiped out. Israeli military historian and theorist Martin van Creveld stated the following about the unrelenting preservation of Israel, “We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force…. We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.” Although van Creveld obviously lacks empathy for humanity as a whole and is clearly a sociopath, his assertions are most likely true. I am sure Oliver Stone is more than aware of this.

Oliver Stone brings up another pro neo con element to World Trade Center. Policeman Will Jimeno (one of the officers trapped in the WTC rubble) is a Colombian American who has done quite well for himself in the United States. He has a beautiful white wife (who he describes as a feisty woman of Italian and German extraction), a home, and a little girl he loves (with one on the way). In the beginning of World Trade Center, officer Jimeno drives to work in a redneck diesel truck listening to generic country music. Jimeno acts a symbolic replacement of the blue collar western European worker for the Latino immigrant outsider. He has taken the European American’s women, job, truck, and even music. The Latino American has become the new American hero (replacing the John Wayne and Bruce Willis types) to compliment the neo con agenda of a globalized and “universal” America.

The real Will Jimeno

Another odd element of World Trade Center is the devout Christian marine Dave Karnes. Karnes believes that the 9/11 attacks were an act against god and he seeks vengeance against what he sees as enemies of Christ. Oliver Stone portrays this character as both hero and Christian psycho extremist. Karnes acts symbolically as evangelical Christianities war on evil Muslim extremists. In reality, “the war on terror” is used as a way to insure Israel’s security in the middle east. I can only imagine Oliver Stone laughing behind the scenes, thinking about how brainwashed Judeo-Christians are fighting Israel’s war for them.

Oliver Stone also doesn’t miss the opportunity to use blasphemy against Jesus Christ. Officer Will Jimeno envisions Jesus carrying a water bottle (trapped Jimeno is quite thirsty). These slight dreamlike silhouette images appear in World Trade Center a couple times. Oliver Stone has turned Jesus Christ into an absurd fantasy cult leader that guides Christian gentiles lives magically from one tragedy to another. Christ has become a tool of neo cons in their goal of international control and collectivism.

World Trade Center may not feature the insane conspiracy theories that drive other Oliver Stone films, but it is obviously propaganda. Reading and seeing interviews with Oliver Stone incriminate the director as a self serving and sociopath disinformation man bent on confusing the ignorant even more. Like the bloated and unfunny disinformation propagandist Michael Moore, Oliver Stone is really working for the money man. These directors pretend to be freedom fighters, but in reality are the biggest promoters of authoritarianism and loss of freedom. May they one day be exposed publicly as the corporate backed liars they truly are.

-Ty E


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