Mar 13, 2008

Viva La Muerte

Viva La Muerte is a prime example of degenerate art. Fernadol Arrabal may just be another commie art fag bent on subversion (blowing kisses to Bunuel). Poor boy Fando lost his communist father due to his mother’s big mouth. She doesn’t want her nut bag husband fighting for the reds in the Spanish civil war. In typical communist schizophrenic fashion, Arrabal portrays communists as fighters of freedom and peace. Proletarians who have fought against the evils of nationalism and religion. Communists always forget that they have much more blood on their hands than any fascist government ever did.

Viva La Muerte plays out like a disturbed and schizophrenic children’s film. The film features Fando’s fathers head being defecated on, animal slaughtering, incest, and other typical surrealist bullshit. Degenerate communist artists like Fernado Arrabal both entertain me and make me want to murder them. They offer insight into their off balance minds via fucked up films and then expect people to take them seriously politically. Most surrealists shouldn’t even be allowed to have a driver’s license (let alone promote politics).

Fernadol Arrabal’s real father was a victim of fascist persecutions (or something). Father Arrabal escaped from prison and eventually disappeared. Viva La Muerte seems like Arrabal’s attempt to articulate his feelings on the subject (with the fantasy that his Dad was revolutionary). My belief is that all commies get what they deserve.

Honestly, Viva La Muerte is one of the better surrealist films that I have seen recently. It is solidly constructed and offers the viewer something to think about. I didn’t feel like Arrabal was contriving too much like a lot of surrealists. I have many times questioned whether I like or hate Alejandro Jodorowsky. Fando Y Lis is too good to denounce that scumbag.

Viva La Muerte is a beautiful film in it’s own right. Degeneracy is an American virtue. Films like Viva La Muerte make me realize things could be worse. I feel for poor Fando (or maybe Arrabal?). The surrealist film is an excellent way for wackjobs to exorcise their demons.

-Ty E

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