Mar 4, 2008

Violent Shit

Low budget can be a fickle thing. When you watch a low budget performance, it no doubt shows, but thank god we have such a thing as "acting" to create stories and drive emotions. Low budget and gore are two words that should never mix ever again after watching Violent Shit. Andreas Schnaas was a gorehound as a child, so i guess he got some false inspiration to create the lamest film alive and give it a "shocking" title.

So Karl Shitter is a shitty boy who gets punished by his mom and he hacks her up. Some boring stuff happens and he is grown up and cuts a lot of Styrofoam arms off. The film is stark with stupid acting and horrible settings that look like someone found a stolen video camera, and got a bunch of high school jerk-off friends in my backyard and decided to make an abomination.

I honestly cannot write paragraph after paragraph plotting out why you should never see this film other than the brutal truth. Andreas Schnaas has killed the genre of splatter for me. Now i am terrified of watching Olaf Ittenbach. Everytime i see a European splatter film, i honestly crawl into the fetal position and cry. The chances of the sequels being any better are high, but the chances of them being watchable are still in the negatives.

I only thank Schnaas for the appropriate title.


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JBH said...

Still better than anything the British film industry has ever produced.