Mar 20, 2008

Tweek City

Tweek City
is the kind of film that i can get used to. A film which gives you very little expectations except for the lead actor. A film that takes a formula and adds it's own quips to it. An intelligent, yet haunting film documenting the personal decay of a sad soul.

Giuseppe Andrews plays Bill, a man who refuses to sleep due to his reoccurring nightmares. For this reason, he takes speed nearly everyday, living from his speed tweek and walking the streets at night. Soon, accidents begin occurring, and his frightful past begins to catch up to him, in a hellish way.

Tweek City is a film that lives within itself. It doesn't stray onto unfamiliar turf, but provides for an entirely new cinematic experience. It manages to provoke necessary thoughts and shock and horrify you, while still giving you that much needed laugh. I'd be lying if i said i thought this film would be good without Andrews, but therein lies the myth. Tweek City feels chock full of Andrew's own work, almost as if this part was wrote for him. The films own view of the modern Jew was also quite hilarious. I wonder if Andrews really thinks of them as low as he admits in his film.

Tweek City features a droning, pulsing score that echo's his own sanity being shaken to the core. Paranoia and lust accompany this mans journey to find bliss. The film's very own ending even surpasses the brilliance of The Believer's own. Sexual confusion is at foot and plays a prominent role in his inability to connect with any person. Maybe this explains why Giuseppe is a recluse. The only thing that frustrated me, was the optical blurring. It was a bit unnecessary.

It takes it's low budget indie theme and propels it to places where few have wandered; a wasteland of personal films bent on the destruction of your own emotions. Tweek City is highly recommended viewing material, especially for any fans of Giuseppe Andrews. Deus Ex Machina's have never been so insightful.


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Anonymous said...

What the hell? The version Netflix sent to me was edited. All male nudity came (sorry) with a distracting, scrambled image over the "bad" areas. And the shit on Bill's chest was censored too. It seemed to erase any validity of the film being "in your face". Would Richard Kern have censored his films in such a way?