Mar 26, 2008

Trilogy of Terror II

If you follow cult cinema or even the classics, chances are that you have heard of Trilogy of Terror, and if not, then you have seen the infamous Zuni Fetish Doll. Trilogy of Terror is a three-part horror thriller made-for-TV movie that surprisingly horrified audiences with it's story Amelia. This story, is about a killer African doll. Due to the originals success, they decided to make a sequel, also featuring it's own beloved mascot.


The first story of the three is the second best, mainly due to the cheese and the slight rip-off it did from King's Graveyard Shift. It is called The Graveyard Rats. The plot is a very contrived one, as we have seen it many, many times before. A woman and her incestuous liaison plot to kill her over-bearing husband to get the will money. Little does she know, that the plot of land that they bury him on is home to dog sized rats. It's a fun little story, that is filled with hokey acting, ode's to noir, and manages to create sock puppet rats that are quite hilarious. Overall, an amateur attempt at creating cinema, but a grand attempt at making a comedy.


This story is the worst of the three, and features one of those twists that actually forces you to watch the entire runtime for it's anti-climatic payoff. A woman summons the power from some false god to bring her son Bobby back to life. This happens, but this life around, he seems a lot more pissed off. Thus, a horrifying game of hide & seek ensues. Yeah, this story tried to capture the feel of child malevolence that The Good Son had, and fails pretty bad. Bobby is a whiny, blond-haired, bitch-boy whose voice constantly cracks while trying to sound sinister. Watch the end for a laughable mock-up of Goosebump's "The Haunted Mask."


This is the one you've all been waiting for. The alarming Zuni doll has it's triumphant return in this shortly-after sequel. The crime scene at the end of the first movie has been discovered and the charred doll has been sent to a laboratory to be examined. All hell breaks lose when people and their close-mindedness decide to fuck with black magic. Hilarity ensues. The doll manages to rip it's way through Italians, and Jewish people (Rothstein) until it's conclusion.

He Who Kills is easily the best in the set, and might be worth the price just for a cap to close the story on. Overall, this collection is pretty pathetic, and doesn't even touch on the same ground as the original did, but is still wholly humorous and might be worth your time. I wonder if Mike Patton voiced the doll. If not, he should have.


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