Mar 28, 2008


It's a lot easier to scare someone to put them in a quasi-realistic scenario. That might even be the reason why they decided the let the events of one of America's greatest horror films unfold upon rural America. Two Jack-of-all-trades everymen get caught up in a parasite warfare underneath the ground. Creatures with the potential ability to travel under dirt at high velocities begin to devour people from the ground.

The very concept of rednecks facing paranormal danger isn't anything new. It's been shown in Chris Carter's The X-Files and even Men In Black (MIB.) These figures of life get grabbed from underground and gobbled up by giant worms. I must be honest, the creature design is nothing short of amazing. It's a shame when you realize the point of the film was to build suspense on the monster's physical features, yet the poster brandishes it's huge face. What a buzz kill. Kevin Bacon plays the main redneck. He is the smart ass one with the wit and flowing locks.

Due to films attacking every superstition or abnormal fear, Ron Underwood decided to expand the old "Don't step on a crack, You'll break your mother's back" scene and turn it into a nightmare, whereas the only place you are safe at, is on a rock in the middle of nowhere. A similar film element is also found in Critters. Why does Hollywood hate the country so much? Tremors is a horror comedy. What's so rare about this one, is that it is actually funny.

A reckless hero is found in Michael Gross, who plays Burt. Burt is the guy we always laugh at. the one who has an obsession with cleaning and collecting guns he never uses. Well now, It looks like he might have a chance to enter some guerrilla warfare in his own backyard. The film might as well give step-by-step instructions on how to create a home-made bomb. Walter Chang is the local nut job oriental who owns the convenience store. What a stereotype, eh? Using his insanity in a speech, he dubs the creatures "Graboids." Yet another hint that the rural parts don't exactly teem with intelligence.

Tremors is yet another great film which is bogged down by a horrible franchise of several sequels and a syndicated television series. While the 2nd film being nearly as entertaining, It loses most of the charm that the first film carried like a medallion.



Anonymous said...

I know what I like!

Ryan said...

"Tremors" is a badass movie.

I've probably watched it a couple hundred times since I was a kid.

It is unfortunate about the sequels. Hollywood just never seems to know when to let go or stop remaking stuff.