Mar 21, 2008

Trailer Park of Terror

Slasher films have always been known for their iconic deconstruction of many racial or social class propaganda. A popular example that is always revisited is the "hillbilly" class. Rural working class America has never been so terrifying. In vein of Herschell Gordon Lewis and John Waters, this campy splatterpiece is born, devoid of all morals and offers a heart-breaking back story.

The film launches an exuberant campaign with its tongue-in-cheek humor and the classic "You have sex, you die" get-up. This only fits in these pro-American trashy movies. A foul redneck rampage has never been so messy, up until now. The film leans mostly towards the Yankee's but features a trivial confederate flag in a scene, just to spice up the scenery. The film itself, is actually based on a comic book pressed by Imperirum Comics.

The glamorous southern bell Nichole Hiltz plays the deep fried Dixie dominator Norma, who starts off as a vengeful bombshell who later turns up with her undead friends to prey on young teenagers, similar to Two Thousand Maniacs, or even the recent 2001 Maniacs. Film starts off easy, echoing hints of vengeance and nihilism, then switches into a sex-comedy, then to a barbaric slaughter fest involving skinning teens and deep frying them; all to add to this cannibalistic redneck illusion.

Norma is the perfect female; one who is intelligent and beautiful, but also knows when to not take any shit. The perfect monster has been created, along with her ragtag group of cannibalistic, guitar-playing scouts. Trace Adkins also makes an appearance as a Sam Elliot-esque mysterious man who is always there to drive the story. Director Steve Goldman came a long way from his turf as seen in Broken Bridges. Hopefully, he adopts into the horror genre in order to churn out more prime beef.

Hard Rock Zombies seems to be the case here, mixed with a heavy dose of the bloody mess that is From Dusk Till Dawn. Trailer Park of Terror is the perfect horror hybrid, brimming with sadistic masseuses, beef jerky, and a rocking soundtrack.

Playing at the 17th Philadelphia Film Festival


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