Mar 16, 2008


Penelope Spheeris got her first serious start in the film industry with the punk documentary The Decline of Western Civilization (1981). The documentary features punk legend Darby Crash and his band the Germs (among other legends Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Fear, etc). A couple years later she would direct the 1980’s hardcore punk masterpiece Suburbia (1984). The film follows a group of squatting punks and their virtual war against Californian rednecks (didn’t know they existed).

Suburbia features some of the best 1980s hardcore punk bands. Charismatic Jack Grisham and his band TSOL have powerful performances of their songs “Darker My Love” and “Wash Away.” D.I. and The Vandals (before they sucked) also show their vintage talents. Your ears will be blessed with the gift of song.

Suburbia is easily one of the most quotable films that I have ever seen (and I hate most quotable films). The performances by the punks in the film are as pathetic as you would expect from real punks (which many of the actors really were). Their apathy for life and everything in generally is thoroughly reflected though out the entire punk rock romp. I have seen Suburbia so many times that is has become part of my cinematic family. Replay value is a guarantee with this film.

Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers plays the lovable creep Razzle. Razzle is fond of rats and speaking of irrelevancies. The character of Jacki Diddley (who later had a minor role in Oliver Stone's Platoon) is the groups leader. His character seems to have taken one to many bowl hits in his lifetime. Suburbia features a wealth of colorful and unforgettable characters. People that always make interesting company despite their shortcomings.

A minor Civil War between young Punks and jobless Rednecks erupts in backyard chaos. Growing up around rednecks, I welcome the cultural clashing fights. Punks and rednecks make the ultimate rivals. When rednecks start shooting dogs, it’s time for payback. Suburbia is the definitive punk rock flick. Do yourself a favor and watch it. Suburbia is a Clockwork Orange for the apathetic generation. At the very least you will be rebelliously entertained.

-Ty E


Anonymous said...

I loved that movie, although I've seen it maybe twice and never sober, I enjoyed it.

JD said...

One of the greats from the 80's.

beedubelhue said...

Classic."Where's the war?""Up your ass...."The Vandals ruled that soundtrack with a D.I.Y. spiked wristband.

jervaise brooke hamster said...

I just remember that gorgeous stripper at the end, her tits, twat, and arse were unbeleivable. I`d love to spend the rest of my life spunking all over that chick and buggering her senseless (as she was at the time the film was made, not as she is now obviously).