Mar 20, 2008

The Sperm

Thai films are loaded with promise now-a-days. We got the amazing martial artist Tony Jaa, mixed with the new upcoming Martial Arts meets autism film Chocolate. It was no surprise to me that the film The Sperm was going to be great, I just had no idea it was going to be this damn quirky.

Suthin is an average American youth, but Thai. He loves Slipknot, metal, and masturbation. Over a drunken clamor, he stumbles into the city streets and masturbates over a photo of the love of his life; An actress named Lammy. His sperm meets radiation and become crazy and multiply, bouncing around the streets impregnating women all over the capital of Bangkok. What makes this different is the fact that these babies grow within 24 hours.

The Sperm is essentially a comedy, but is a mutt of sorts. It's main course is science fiction but is also a romance, sex comedy, and drama. The Sperm is the creation of a mix between Michel Gondry and Judd Apatow. The film never gets old and always keeps you the edge of your seat with it's own frenetic zaniness. It is loaded with visual flair and effects, including comic style introductory panels and a 50 foot tall masturbating clone of Suthin.

You have never seen anything like this. The Sperm has acquired a couple of negative remarks from critics in Thailand, but it seems they don't appreciate original concepts and ideas just as Russia spites creativity. The film speaks of it's deep morals in a non-subversive way, teeming with anti-whore ads. It's basically an allegory for how these swim suit magazines and theories that sex sells are transforming our youth into sex crazed hormonal slackers. Which may or may not be true.

For a script, it flows with creativity and pop culture references. It's truly is a beautiful sight. Respect goes out to the entirely original idea and concept. I forgot the last time a film pulled a double surprise on me. It built me up casually to it's ending. When i found out what happened, it did a complete u-turn and left me wholly satisfied.

All in all, The Sperm is a zany, mad-cap look at modern sexuality, a sexual extremity in comedy, and one of the damn cutest films i have had the insane pleasure to view recently.

Playing at the 17th Philadelphia Film Festival


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