Mar 4, 2008

Smokin' Aces

In light of the recent outbreak of "over-the-top" action films, it seems easy to make a quick buck. Action films are the easiest films to get into, thanks to the endless amount of masculinity pouring out of them. Films like last year's slop-fest "Shoot Em' Up!" are reasons why trying to make film purposely bad is not a wise choice. Joe Carnahan takes the grittiness of his underrated crime classic Narc, and adds a cartoonish crew of sadistic hitmen.

The film is packed with big-name stars. Some of which include Ryan Reynolds, Alicia Keyes, Common, Jeremy Piven, and Ben Affleck; just to name a few. The plot is not limited by the bullets, which is more than most blazing gun films can say. The plot was fully intact with flashy yet hyper-kinetic editing to lay down the stories behind each of the hitmen and situations quite nicely. Buddy Israel is a bastard illusionist who has recently had a million dollar bounty on his head and his heart. The FBI agents have put together a task force to keep him alive while hitmen come looking for him.

Not since Lord Of Illusions has an illusionist been put in this sort of light. Nolan's The Prestige did nothing but immortalize them despite their greedy existence. Thank god for Tesla to keep the show interesting. Contract killers can be a fickle thing when handled incorrectly. Thank god Carnahan has done this ultra-violence thing before.

Normally, I'm not too keen on Reynolds due to his infatuation of baring his abs in every film regardless of what the script says, but he did a great job in this film. He even prepares a heartfelt ending for this film that left me emotionally distressed. There is no sense trying to hide that the pacing is a little off, being as how there are a plentiful amount of characters, but they all fit snugly. Smokin' Aces can be a platter of things; Vengeance, lust, longing, and racial gripes.

All come hitting fast and hard to ensure ultimate entertainment. When popcorn was invented back in 1948, I'm sure they had Smokin' Aces in mind. The film can be slightly annoying. For example; ADD kid. I wanted the little bastard to die.

Smokin' Aces can be called Lucky Number Slevin meets the comic book world, including bizarre executioners, redneck rampagers, black sisters packing big heat, and a European master of disguise. When we saw Rambo pump away enemies with the 50 caliber, it was a marvelous sight. Well now we can watch it from the glorious hotel setting, safe from mosquito's. Buddy Israel is more of a gangster then Tony Montana ever was, Slime bag and all.

The film churns gears into full-throttle at about an hour in and doesn't let up the insane violence, sadistic criminals, wacky situations, and nihilistic attitude brimming with an accelerated soundtrack. Smokin' Aces is an action fans wet dream. Despite all the negative reviews, i happened to fucking love this film and the only way to find out is to watch it for yourself.


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