Mar 24, 2008

Slaughter Disc

Horror porn is a somewhat new trend that has been picking up momentum over the last couple of years. This is no surprise when considering that both horror films and porn follow a similar formula (little bit story, action, story, action, etc.). Both types of films also appeal to some of the most powerful and archaic of human emotions. The only reason people watch porn and horror is to satisfy cheap excitement. David Quitmeyer’s Slaughter Disc didn’t even satisfy my boredom.

Slaughter Disc couldn’t have cost more than a couple hundred dollars (and it is feature length at 90 minutes) to make. It has a pathetic local cable access channel quality with shitty digital video and crudely synchronized sound. These detractors still don’t necessary destroy a film of this type. Anyone going into a film like this shouldn’t expect spectacular production values (or any values).

Antiporn is supposed to be what Slaughter Disc is about. I guess that is quite right as I found nothing in the film remotely arousing. A typical looking porn star in dollar bin Halloween make-up and “spooky” white contacts isn’t going to appeal to anyone (except maybe fans of Jerry Only’s new The Misfits). This false vixen satisfies her lust for blood in a lame “gothic” way. She kills her victims after performing typical sex acts on them. Sorry, but this is no Nekromantik.

Slaughter Disc features one of the most ugly and pathetic protagonists to grace the cheap screen of digital video. I hope this “film” isn’t an auteur piece as David Quitmeyer has completely incriminated himself as the world’s most desperate filmmaker. Slaughter Disc is full of loser masturbation, banal porn, and homemade horror. I can imagine that Quitmeyer (who calls Slaughter Disc “postmodern horror”) came up with the idea for the film after drinking a couple cans of Coors Light.

The horror world is already polluted with a dung heap of horrendous trash. Slaughter Disc is just another bag of garbage for the already putrid pile. Fans of both porn and horror will find that the film has nothing interesting or stimulating to offer. I hate to give negative reviews to low-budget filmmakers, but with Slaughter Disc it is absolutely necessary. The actual “slaughter disc” is one of those plastic discs that come in CD-R and DVD-R packs. The “slaughter disc” pretty much sums up the whole video (pointless, cheap, and disposable).

-Ty E

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