Mar 7, 2008


Having seen Fat Girl (A classic in it's own right), i was set on seeing all of Breillat's films. The one sticking out to me the most, was Romance or Romance X. From the alternative title alone, i could tell she was trying to capitalize off of the controversy. The thing that really sold it to me was the provocative cover featuring a semi-nude lovely female. It also gained a lot of much wanted publicity due to the unsimulated sex scenes in the film, which gave birth to more one-dimensional films victim to the same mistake.

As soon as i watched this film, i soon realized that she wasn't really that attractive, nor was the film good at all. Marie is a teacher and has a very deep problem (No Pun Intended). She loves her boyfriend, but they don't have sex. In order to fulfill her darkest sexual desires, she decides to whore her self out in a vain attempt at post-modern feminism.

Breillat assumes a full stance on making men seem like chauvinistic pigs. I'm not saying we're not, but i'll be damned if some ostentatious neo-dyke Frenchie will pull a lifetime original movie out of her ass in a vain attempt to cause housewife rebellions. Trying to look behind the background of her empowered monologues describing femdom as a must-is, i still couldn't find any enjoyable facet to this film.

Considering having made some incredible films, i won't dismiss her just yet as an accidental film-maker. She still has a couple films i need to see in order for me to make my mind. I do appreciate the meaning behind the anti-love movement. I really do. I also agree with her descent into a darker form of sexuality but Romance is still a bland, raunchy film which is lead astray by it's own ego. Do not want.


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