Mar 16, 2008

Never Talk to Strangers

Never Talk to Strangers is not the film you are thinking about with Antonio Banderas. This one, in fact, is a 70’s roughie XXX film. The only available copy is double-billed with the gorenography Hardgore. It is of no real importance and could easily be forgotten. The whole film is an 8mm loop of the same porn to make you feel like you got your money’s worth.

What makes this film worth your time? Well, it happens to have the most hilarious editing I have ever-bare witness to. The screenplay follows a man in a white coat sporting an Afro, sodomizing two young females and performing bizarre tortures, such as nipple clamping, and electric shock on the ejaculation resting on Woman #2.

The editing compromises each scene featuring a close up shot of his face over-acting various emotions, sort of like flash cards. Some of them feature him slyly smiling and nodding, to show his approval, and others show curiosity. These various facial expressions cannot be described vividly and must be viewed for the full effect.

The second enjoyable aspect of the film is the colorful, yet funky soundtrack. The soundtrack incorporates beats and melodies similar to the golden days of Blaxploitation; Easily the best soundtrack for a porno film. Never Talk to Strangers is a bland half-an-hour porn that features buckets of sweat and hair. Only should be viewed for hilarity.


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