Mar 20, 2008

Manufacturing Dissent: Uncovering Michael Moore

Slob megalomaniac Michael Moore is your stereotypical American liberal. A physically and mentally weak childlike pseudo subversive bent on messianic authoritarianism. He preaches about the evils of the Republican “other” yet practices the same strategies (at a shallow, vain, and powerless level). Moore does more good for the Republican party than harm. He discredits, confuses, and manipulates American democrats to the point of helplessness.

Like all uneducated and lazy propagandists, Moore utilizes comedy as a means of brainwashing control. He fears that people will see through his bloated gut and it’s lines of lies (make them laugh and they won't think). Moore is a firm and unapologetic fact manipulator disinformation “guy“ for the big guys. Michael Moore, in essence, is the embodiment of lethargic white liberal hedonism and the self-interest it fulfills. Manufacturing Dissent: Uncovering Michael Moore is a low budget documentary looking at the lies and manipulations practiced by that flaunting “lower middleclass” cosmopolitan.

The documentary features interviews with former friends, associates, and other relations to Michael Moore (and his “documentaries”). You learn about a couple of the manipulations and out right lies Moore has used in some of his films. He comes out of Manufacturing Dissent looking as a hateful weasel willing to use any type “strategy” possible to get his unflattering image plastered on American billboards. Michael Moore gives the American audience entertainment as that’s what they really want (thinking is boring).

I didn’t really learn anything new watching Manufacturing Dissent. I doubt the documentary has helped very much to change people’s opinion on Moore (not many jokes). You just have to look at Michael Moore to tell that he’s up to no good. He probably got beat up a good number of times growing up. He doesn’t want those evil white folks having guns!

-Ty E

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Mr. Nyoka said...

"Michael Moore Hates America" is far better documentary. It is not mean-spirited and actually good. You can watch all of it on Youtube!