Mar 20, 2008

Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer

It's been awhile since i have uncovered a flashy nostalgic trip through the finer points of cinema. Director Jon Knautz has brought celluloid life to a film worthy of legendary comic books. Everyman plumber Jack Brooks witnessed his family get murdered by a monster at a young age. Due to this event, he cannot connect with most people and finds him self with an immeasurable aggression.

When an ancient creature poses his spoofy teacher (Robert Englund,) he must now face his past in order to guarantee his future. This story just screams as a mash-up of every iconic monster film or amazing 90's cartoon. Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer is the equivalent of an ultra-violent episode of the Beetleborgs except with masculinity for a weapon. This is now the definitive Super Mario Bros. movie.

The film reminds me heavily of Japanese sorcery film Eko Eko Azarak: Wizard of Darkness, in which a handful of students get trapped in their school and start getting picked off by an evil force. The film works its wonders with enticing you with its fluid colors and slimy creature FX. Robert Englund is a marvel as the kooky science teacher turned tentacled abomination.

Jack Brooks (Trevor Matthews) is a man who is stuck in a dead end relationship with childhood trauma; sounds like the normal blue-collar worker. It's easy to relate to his character in this spoof dark comedy. Some of the creatures are reminiscent to the creatures on Hercules or even Xena. The love for the genre is evident. The only thing that could have made this better would be a guest appearance from Maurice (Little Monsters.)

If you like Mighty Max, Creepy Crawlers, or anything with slime, goo, monster vomit, and a climatic action-packed ending, this is the film for you. Jack Brooks is here to stay. Now let's just hope for a sequel or action figure line. The new Danger After Dark line-up has never looked so good.

Playing at the 17th Philadelphia Film Festival


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