Mar 12, 2008

Incident On and Off a Mountain Road

Don Coscarelli and Angus Scrimm once again collaborated for Masters of Horror episode Incident On and Off a Mountain Road. The hour long “film” follows a feisty true feminist (not some bitch that complains about the German language being misogynistic). She is a young woman that has learned how to defend herself due to the deranged courtesy of her white nationalist/militia man husband. Later, she decides it is her turn to become barbaric. Incident On and Off a Mountain Road is a film about reversing so-called “gender roles.”

Angus Scrimm plays the role of a quick talking hillbilly that enjoys the gift of song. The young woman decides that she is not a fan of the hillbillies backward poetic gibberish. It is unclear whether or not the young woman is supposed to be virtuous or not. I suspect she is as we now live in the age of “girl power.” I hope girl power doesn’t call for the extermination of white males. It can be rest assured that Emma Goldman has secured her flaming spot in hell.

The monster of Incident On and Off a Mountain Road is some sort of Aryan super monster. He’s dressed for war with boots suitable for stomping heads. He acts as the ultimate test of the young woman’s strength. What great Bolshevik propaganda he would have made.

Incident On and Off a Mountain Road features flashbacks that ultimately lead to a climatic ending of sorts. This is the only characteristic of the film that provides any evidence that Coscarelli directed it (aside from featuring Angus Scrimm). Incident On and Off a Mountain Road is no Phantasm but it offers fans of the series something new until the fifth film is completed. I still consider the original Phantasm to be one of the greatest and most original American horror films.

-Ty E

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