Mar 9, 2008

I Will Walk Like A Crazy Horse

I Will Walk Like A Crazy Horse is a French surrealist black comedy with recurring themes of dysfunction and suspense. The plot is a bit wayward at first, but soon begins to mold into a formulaic storyline thanks to the help of flashbacks and dream like realities.

The film itself is thrust into it’s own perfections as you encounter truly original surrealism mixed with blessed blasphemy. The opening scene itself is of a child messiah in a manger wearing a crown of thorns. He is promptly silenced and victim to genital mutilation. We meet Aden Ray, who is a wanted man who disappeared into the desert.

He then encounters a nameless hermit who lives in the desert. They promptly become friends and encounter many disturbing adventures. Along the way, the past begins to crush Ray’s sanity slowly resulting in epic religious hallucinations. IWWLACH is a marvel in avant-garde cinema. It’s stunning portrayal of insanity masked by a suit and tie is of a memorable sort.

Misogynistic thoughts occur within Ray and many questions arise about this unknown man. The bond they share can almost be deemed homo erotic at the root. Why does Ray want for this man to be happy at his own expense? Will it par chance fill the void in his life? The film speaks its soft metaphors and is plentiful with sexually distressed imagery. One scene that sticks out to me is his penis being used as a candle.

Many very taboo themes such as hermaphrodites, nude children, and bleeding messiahs are abundant. This is obviously an outlet for director Fernando Arrabal to unleash his sexual repression and personal demons. It speaks boldly with its anti-capitalist mindset. Watching “Marvel” cry when seeing the abuse of nature in our society is a sorrowful moment.

IWWLACH is a deeply affecting film, which speaks of religious turbulence and the absurdity of real beauty. It is an audacious addition to any surrealist fan and should be highly regarded for its Island Of Death feel and similar Jodorowsky experience. Sexual confusion is the name of the game.


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peregrine fforbes-hamilton said...

films like this and jodorowsky`s films would be total perfection in film making if only "ALL" repeat "ALL" the sexual activity depicted in them was heterosexual and "ALL" repeat "ALL" the nudity depicted was that of 8 year old girls, i love the bizarre surrealism of films like this one and "EL TOPO" and "HOLY MOUNTAIN" but like i say what spoils them for me is all the pansy, queer bastard, fairy, faggot bullshit in them. To make the point even better, just imagine how perfect "EL TOPO" would have been if every other character that jodorowsky had encountered in that film had been a naked 8 year old girl, as i say it would have been total perfection.