Mar 20, 2008

Hunting Creatures

Due to the gorehounds lovage for a certain recipe, namely being gore, it's easy to sucker them into buying any piece of trash that features a couple decapitations. Hunting Creatures is no exception. Unearthed Films recent DVD release is a rare German splatter film that should have stayed lost and forgotten where it belonged.

I will describe the storyline to you in plain speaking. A experiment at a rave that has about 6 people there goes wrong, turning these losers into zombies (Guys with orange food coloring on their face.) 4 or 5 gay German guys go around with fake guns for an hour, shooting zombies with incredibly contrived camera angles and situations. The result is the most horrendous zombie film ever made.

The climax of the film results in a homosexual picking up a retarded zombie and administering some horrible, butchered wrestling move. That is the only thing worth of value because with that one scene, you have some spark of hope that this film wasn't serious. Bad news, this film is too serious. You discover this when you view them all crying in a minivan.

You think thats bad? What about the one scene with a camouflaged man walking with a gun discovers a zombie, shoots him, and then begins to puff a cigarette that clearly wasn't there before in some half-ass attempt to regulate some sort of noir-ish, even badass feel. Hunting Creatures is pathetic. Don't be fooled by the cover art. This is stagnant trash.

It would be one thing if this group of Germanic youth had high inspirations, but in several scenes, we see a room decorated with Carrie 2: The Rage and Face/Off posters. Inspiration is clearly not one of their strong points.

Unearthed Films is also due out Das Komabrutalle Duel. With hope, they will quickly abandon these "splatter" titles in order to pick something up with merit or quality.


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