Mar 27, 2008


Alexander Shevchenko has a gift of terror. He has this uncanny ability to take simple architectural pieces or even household antiquities and bring something absolutely sickening or terror filled with his long, abstract, and calculated shots.

Same with Burial Ground, the shorts are too short to be giving away the linear flow of the story. In some degree, it does involve phantasmal rebirth which is a bold move for even him. The lighting, or lack there of, is a beautiful canvas that this film paints on. Darkness shrouds every surface. You cannot escape it, Shevchenko makes sure of that.

"He also has a cunning sense of humor"

The same way that the original Resident Evil incorporated the lone door opening animation, Homunculus uses it to the same advantage. As always, the music is masterful and twisting with macabre bleep-beats. Homunculus is what Jacob's Ladder would have been like, had it been 5 minutes long.

There's no doubt that Shevchenko learned a lot under the wing of fellow surrealist Iskanov. With both these artists at the reigns of foreign surrealism, the world will indeed be a better place. The Tourist DVD could not arrive any sooner. Bring on the motion picture runtime.


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