Mar 31, 2008


I have disliked the past two Ryan Nicholson films thanks to my own blend of harsh cynicism. For the love of the genre, I have even tried to force myself to appreciate his work but much to my dismay, I could not express gratitude for the creation of these films (Torched and Live Feed). With his newest film Gutterballs, all that is about to change. Gutterballs to me, is the perfect mixture of sustainable genres, creating a film that is as violent as it is hilarious.

This film is a genius mix of vulgar comedy, brutal horror, and extreme sexual perversions and nudity. There is no doubt in my mind that this film would be rated X if it were to be submitted to the MPAA. It might even sicken the critics. Gutterballs features explicit sexual acts, prolonged scenes of rape, sexual torture, head explosions, bowling pin sodomies, and 70's Afro's. The lanes shine with an eerie neon glow and the disco ball & lights trigger cinematic luminescent intensity. The dialogue is even ripe with "Your mom" jokes.

The entire film is constructed around the setting of the Excalibur bowling alley. Inside this disco house is where some of the most bizarre and creative deaths will take place. Nicholson has really got his film making down pat and for this I am so glad. His father, Roy, even helps him with his film making. I think to myself "Damn...Ryan must have a cool dad". If my dad supported rape and carnage, well, I don't know what I'd do. Perhaps discuss the pros and cons of virility? The film features some of the most wonderful music that screams Donna Summers on meth. It's all funky classics and primary beats that really fit the era this film adapts to.

This film making team's earlier effort called Live Feed was a disappointment to me. Without the tag of being a Hostel ripoff, the film still lacked a general direction and screamed with impoverished acting. The camera angles and lighting were shoddy at the most critical points and the characters were so damn annoying that I'd give life & limb for them to encounter incredibluy horrifying demises. Much to my from-the-grave happiness, most of the douche bag's were eliminated. He improves upon every single flaw and delivers an amazingly entertaining film. I might even purchase this to own. Gutterballs is the perfect date film, provided that your woman is into gore and rape as a fantasy perversion. If that's the case, why bother watching this?

The characters are all amazing, polished, vulgar, and stylish. I felt bad for hating the transvestite so much. It caused me to question whether I had gay hatred hidden under everything, but I realized promptly it was just the wimpy character. Steve is the typical jock with the popped collar and features perhaps the most vulgar mouth I have ever heard. I would almost promise you that he says "fuck" every sentence.

Gutterballs is a screwed up film that excels at appearing cartoonish and wacky. While not being serious, It features enough audacity to surprise even the most jaded cinema-goer. Plotdigger films has suddenly been granted massive potential. While being a bit immature for a film, there in lies the whole point. From a lover of horror cinema, I honestly cannot see anything critically wrong with this film. Gutterballs is fun for the whole family. The non-existent kind, that is.


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jervaise brooke hamster said...

once again this is another example of a horror film that would`ve been total perfection if the entire cast had been a group of beautiful gorgeous 18 year old lesbians who were all totally naked for the entire movie.