Mar 9, 2008

The Green Elephant

Russian director Svetlana Baskova directed a rough war horror film based on the Bolshevik Gulags (Death Camps). The film circulates around two unidentified men in prison. They discuss various meaningless facets of life such as shit and flies. This is Quite an amateurish move for the director to have made. The director could have pulled a smarter move by discussing point metric systems in fast food and would have not been as ridiculed as much.

This inane dialogue continues for around 50 more minutes until the film gets at least a little entertaining. These two bickering men decide to try and rape one another and attempt to slaughter each other while pissing on their bodies. The only real contingency to the film is the shock factor, which is present. It’s not everyday you see two hairy Russian men try to grope and slaughter one another. The film was banned after one showing in it's homeland due to its scatophile, coprophilia, necrophilia, and extreme mutilation.

Perhaps the only really interesting fact about this film is imagining hundreds of Russians running from the screening vomiting and the director getting banished. To see a film of this quality made in 1999 is in many ways depressing. Quality of film in other countries sure has fallen steep. The Green Elephant AKA Zeleniy Slonik is a trash effort and should not be regarded as a piece of war cinema. Avoid this film if you expect any cinema seriousness.


Thanks to BlagTheRipper for a copy.



jervaise brooke hamster said...

If the film had revolved around two beautiful, gorgeous, naked 18 year-old chicks it would have been much more popular.

Anonymous said...

i think you're missing the entire point. what you get with the green elephant is realism in the cinematography and dialogue, which is juxtaposed against the gratuitous violence