Mar 10, 2008

Funky Forest: The First Contact

Funky Forest is a 2 and a half hour mash-up compilation from the directors of various Japanese cinema. One of the more popular examples is Kasuhito Ishii (Director of Shark Skin Man and Peach Hip Girl). The film follows a non-linear structure and is a frequent barrage of various dream-like states; sort of like a dumbed-down hipster space version of Waking Life.

The segments incorporate mainly physics as space is shattered and balls of matter are being controlled by loli's in latex. While this may appeal to a numerous amount of viewers, there is nothing to feed off of. Many scenes will have you applauding the variety of these three directors, while many will leave you running in fear of ever viewing that again.

Many scenes will take influence over better directors. Inspirations such as Cronenberg can be spotted, but these scenes are childish when mixed with the childish mind of these Japanese directors. Many of the highlighting characters are thrown at each other to create nonsensical conversation and discuss dreams. Linklater did it better. If i had to choose from these scenes, my favorite had to be the alien - naval scene.

Funky Forest is a box of delicious cereal that contains both stale and fresh combinations. It all depends on the person if you would enjoy this. If you enjoy things rapid-fire with no sense to them, then you might like this film more than i did, but i prefer a story to the least, not a mash-up of music video clips.


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