Mar 13, 2008

Freeze Frame

Freeze Frame is a British psychological thriller film set in a bleak, dark world similar to one pictured in Dark City or City of Lost Children. This is a potentially hazardous film to create, due to it being shown mostly in a third/first person format. Much of the film is spread onto 5 years worth of constant surveillance (In world)

The plot involves comedian-turned-serious actor Lee Evans playing an increasingly paranoid and detached man who was suspected for a triple homicide years earlier. Now he is a wreck of a human being. He has himself under surveillance 24/7 so he can never be framed for another crime again. That is until a new crime emerges and his alibi is missing.

The film has a very similar feel to that of other films such as Fear X and even traces of V for Vendetta. With each passing minute, the suspense grows fiercer. In some scenes, the acting is incredibly vivid and pristine. Lee Evans could be called a method actor. He shaved his head and eyebrows despite the warning that the eyebrows might not grow back.

The film of course plays on the constant surveillance issue in the U.K. Citizens are being watched as the shop or walk down the streets. Surely an invasion of privacy and lends a hand to the dark voyeurism displayed in this film. Freeze Frame is a neo-noir set in a dreary dystopia, which lends much of its tension to the wonderful over-editing.

With all the great factors of this film, it was hard to get furious when the ending got tangled up in it’s self. Instead of a simple, or even a discernible ending, we are treated to a clusterfuck of an ending, leaving many questions unsolved. Despite the ending, it is still a grandly uncomfortable film and should be seen for it’s dismal eroticy.


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I told you not to waste your time with british made crap.