Mar 28, 2008

Flesh Eater

Bill Hinzman may be the most terrifying and iconic zombie in film history. His performance in George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead never becomes old. Finding out that he had written, directed, produced, edited, and starred in his own film attracted me. I had no idea what to expect from this zombie god turned filmmaker.

Flesh Eater met way past any expectations I had for the film. Bill Hinzman was competent in every aspect of low budget film making. Amateurish yet solid, Flesh Eater fits in with any other zombie film. Its especially fun for those that are fans of Night of the Living Dead. Its reflexive nature bleeds nostalgia throughout. Its homage to an accidental famous killing in NOTLD produces great laughs.

Bill Hinzman was also able to convince a young naked girl to let him fondle her for the sake of undead art. I’m sure Flesh Eater holds a special place in his heart. Hinzman even eats the body of his young daughter and in the process she drops her candy bar. What a great father. I don’t know if Mr. Hinzman was having a midlife crisis when deciding to create Flesh Eater, but if so, it worked to his psychologically unstable advantage.

Although paying many tributes to NOTLD, Flesh Eater is a little more plentiful in the gore category. Shotgun ignited exploding heads proved enough gore for the average desensitized gore fan. The acting and performances are similar to that of a Friday the 13th film, except parts of Flesh Eater are actually funny. Easily some of the funniest killings I’ve seen in a while. One notable killing involves the much needed flesh eating of a wise ass clown costume Dracula. You find yourself routing for Bill Hinzman and his crew of infected undead slaves.

Flesh Eater ends with a barn burning which was unnecessarily long in duration similar to the trailer burning in John Water’s Pink Flamingos. In the aftermath of the fire lie charred bodies similar to those seen in pictures from the bodies in the Dresden bombings during World War 2. Interestingly enough, the prop master was able to make these bodies in one day.

Bill Hinzman succeeded in creating a zombie flick acceptable to obsessive fans of the original Night of the Living Dead. Flesh Eater is packed with decent gore, humorous situations, and retrospective entertainment. Flesh Eater is mandatory viewing for anyone that is a fan of the number one zombie.

-Ty E

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jervaise brooke hamster said...

i`m ashamed to say that i`ve never seen this one but after reading your reveiw i think i`ll try to find a copy, and seeing the picture of hinzman with the naked chick reminded me that the only thing that ever dissapointed me about the original "night of the living dead" was that we never got to see judith o`dea naked, she was one hell of a hot chick back in `68 and it would have been great to have seen her incredible lushious young nubile 23 year old body, one way romero could have worked it could have been: duane jones saves her from a zombie and then judith rewards him with a striptease, actually quite often whenever i watch NOTLD i imagine that i am the duane jones character and each time i save judith o`dea from a zombie she rewards me with sexual favours, first i spunk in her gob and then she guzzles the whole wad down her throat, then i shove my dick up her lushious arse-hole (and spunk up her bum, obviously) then she licks all her own shit off of my prick and i spunk down her throat again, i really look forward to having those fantasys about judith, i just wish we could have got a glimpse of her arse in the actual film that would have made it so perfect.